Spec Script Sales Analysis 2008: Top Sales

January 8th, 2009 by

We broke down the spec script sales in 2008 by genre here, by studios here, and by agencies and managers here. Today we look at the deals with the biggest payoff.

Zookeeper- Comedy
Jay Scherick & David Ronn- $2M against $3M

Iron Jack- Action Adventure
Johnny Rosenthal- $1.25M against $2M

Pierre Pierre- Comedy
Edwin Cannistraci & Frederick Seton- $1,000,000

Wedding Banned- Comedy
Jack Amiel & Michael Begler- $850,000 against $1.6M

Executive VP David M. Murch’s Adventures in Zamethera- Comedy
Michael M.B. Galvin & Peter Speakman- $850,000 against $1.35M

Treehouse Gang- Adventure Comedy
Timothy Dowling- $750,000 against $1.5M

The Low Dweller- Drama Thriller
Brad Ingelsby- $650,000 against $1.1M

Roundtable- Supernatural Comedy
Brian K. Vaughan- $650,000 against $1M

Dan Minter: Badass for Hire- Comedy
Chad Kultgen- $500,000 against $1M

Underage- Comedy
Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber- $500,000 against $900,000

Doomsday Protocol- Science fiction
Shane Salerno- Seven figures

Hereafter- Thriller
Peter Morgan – Low seven against mid-seven

The Long Run- Drama
Stephen Belber- Low seven figures

Raindrops All Around Me- Comedy
Reed Agnew & Eli Jorne- Mid-six against high-six

Self-Guided- Fantasy
Jared Stern – Mid-six against high-six

Untitled Matthew Michael Carnahan Project- Drama
Matthew Michael Carnahan- Mid-six against high-six

Animals- Disaster
Mike Sobel- Mid-six figures

Bite Me – Comedy
Tim Garrick & Scott Russell- Mid-six figures

C.O.D.- Action Thriller
Lars Jacobson- Mid-six figures

Galahad- Action Thriller
Ryan J. Condal- Mid-six figures

Man and Wife- Action Thriller
Alan McElroy- Mid-six figures

Parents Weekend- Comedy
Barry Schwartz – Mid-six figures

That’s a lot of people whose lives changed overnight. And even though the odds are hugely against selling a spec script, the fact is it happens. Every year. I should know. It happened to me with K-9.

Tomorrow we look at those writers who sold a spec script in 2008 for the first time.

4 thoughts on “Spec Script Sales Analysis 2008: Top Sales

  1. Jason Schreier says:

    Out of curiosity, where do you get all of this data from?

    Also, do you have any sort of list that shows which Black List 2008 scripts were sold and which weren’t?

  2. Scott says:

    I noted information sources in the first post in this thread here.

    Re Black List: You can go here to download. Some of the scripts are available, some of them are set up. That info is on the list.

  3. toomity says:

    hi i have a question. is it all selled-script in 2008???
    is there any other script that did not post on it???
    in hollywood.. each year so many movies are published.. so i think this numbers are so little..
    sorry for my poor english.

  4. Scott says:

    @toomity: First off, the list in this post is just those that were the biggest sales (in terms of reported dollar values). For the full list of spec script sales in 2008, go here.

    Second spec script sales represent only one aspect of Hollywood literary acquisitions which also include pitches, novels, non-fiction books, newspaper and magazine articles, real life stories, comic books, graphic novels, video games, board games, and so on. In general, the Hollywood film industry probably acquires over 1000 projects per year.

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