"100 Character Development Questions for Writers"

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Welcome to over one hundred of the dumbest questions about your character. These are things that, if someone were to ask you in real life, you could answer without giving it any thought whatsoever. Most characters, however, can’t answer this because authors never think about it – it’s unimportant. Well, these things are going to help you define you character more.

Some tips: Answer these in character, but only in a situation where your character would be 100% honest with themselves and with the person asking the question. Otherwise, answer as an author, and still be 100% honest.

The questions are divided into these categories:

Personal Questions

Familial Questions

Childhood Questions

Adolescent Questions

Occupational Questions

Likes & Dislikes Questions

Sex & Intimacy Questions

Drug & Alcohol Questions

Morality Questions

Miscellaneous Questions

Do any of you use a character questionnaire when developing your characters? Do you answer the questions in the 3rd person or do you assume the persona of the character in question and respond in the 1st person?

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  1. amyp3 says:

    I had a nice breakthrough awhile back re: someone who was quite a 2-D, cardboard guy. When I forced myself to ask more questions about his background it ended up really changing him (including his age, profession, personality, how he interacted with the other people). It made him so much more vivid to me.

    I think that my interest in episodic TV can force me to think about traits and background that could be important in a future version of my story, even if I'm not writing about it now.

    Also sometimes I write out a free- association essay written in the first person by each of my people.

    Another one of my recent tricks is to always think of/ refer to them as people, not "characters.

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