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Today an interview in 8 parts with screenwriter Barry Morrow whose films credits include Rain ManRace the Sun, and Mercy of the Sea, and TV movies Bill, Bill: On His Own, A Conspiracy of Love , and Christmas on Division Street.
Part 1: Why tell stories

Part 2: A great character is better than a great idea

Part 3: The importance of character

Part 4: The importance of research

Part 5: The fundamentals of crafting drama

Part 6: What is comedy

Part 7: What is wrong with cinema

Part 8: IndustryPart 9: Advice to beginners

I was unable to locate Part 8, but I did find this:

This is Barry Morrow’s full speech where he donates the Emmy Award he received for his screenplay for the television movie “Bill” to the University of Iowa (Oct. 30, 2009)

The tv movie “Bill” starred Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid who portrayed the real life relationship of Bill Sackter who spent 44 years in an institution and then was befriended by Barry Morrow who became Bill’s legal guardian and brought him to the University of Iowa in the mid-1970s.

Bill became a hero for people with disabilities through his good cheer and positive attitude at Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop in North Hall on campus in Iowa City.

When Barry pitched the idea of a documentary to Univ. of Iowa Foundation Board Members in 1977, the idea was transformed into the highly successful Mickey Rooney project.

In 2008, the original documentary was completed by filmmaker Lane Wyrick, and in 2009 Barry’s decision to give his Emmy Award to the University completed the circle. The Emmy will be on permanent display at the University of Iowa Library.

When Kim Peek, the inspiration for Rain Man, died last year, I posted this and this about the relationship that developed between Morrow and Peek (they met in the early 80s).

UPDATE: Thanks to GITS reader Svavar, who found Part 8, I’ve added that to the OP.

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