Video Interview: James Vanderbilt

May 15th, 2011 by
A nice treat today: An extended interview [20+ minutes] with one of the hottest screenwriters in Hollywood today: James Vanderbilt. Here is a background article on Vanderbilt from Collider. The interview:

A tip sheet for talking points in the interview:

0:00 – How did he get involved in The Losers. Explains how Peter Berg was first involved and how he came to the project.
1:15 – How close was Peter Berg’s draft to going and how much work did he do on it. Was it a page 1 re-write
3:00 – Forlani from Omelete asked about putting Max on screen while he was in the shadows in the comic book and the politics of the graphic novel versus the movie
4:40 – The ending of The Losers – how did he know where to end it
6:00 – Zodiac talk – who does he think was the Zodiac killer is after writing the film
7:00 – How much time did it take for him to write the script and how did David Fincher get involved
8:20 – How much of Zodiac is real and how much is fictionalized
9:10 – Did Fincher want him on set
10:08 – What is being on set like for a writer
10:35 – I ask how did he land the Spider-Man job
11:53 – I ask if he was told the Spider-Man storyline or did he pitch an idea
12:20 – What is it like to work with Marc Webb
12:40 – How much time is he working on Spider-Man or is he also working on other stuff
12:50 – Says he is writing something for him to direct and he’s also writing Murder Mystery for director Kevin Macdonald. Says it’s a comedy about a husband and wife that’s an Agatha Christie type movie.
14:00 – Is he working on the script with Kevin Macdonald. Says they are going out to actors
14:27 – Is Murder Mystery going to be Kevin Macdonald’s next project
15:00 – What project is he writing for himself. Says it’s about journalism and a true life story.
16:00- Says he is writing the film on spec for now.
16:20 – Is he writing the film with any sort of budget – brings it back to The Losers and how they made the film for a limited budget
17:55 – Have they already plotted out for a sequel? Has he started working on it yet
18:40 – His writing process. Does he write during the day or at night
19:50 – The Rundown talk
20:15 – Any talk of him working with Peter Berg again
21:00 – Does he have a lot of scripts laying around in his desk
22:10 – Does he have a title for the script he is writing that he wants to direct. Answer is no
22:20 – Since State of Play didn’t connect at the box office, is that concern
22:50 – I ask if he’s writing just the one Spider-Man script or more than one film

Vanderbilt’s IMDB page here.

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