Daily Dialogue — October 2, 2011

October 2nd, 2011 by

“We’re leaving in twelve hours and you haven’t packed for Verona.”

— Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), Letters to Juliet (2010), written by Jose Rivera and Tim Sullivan

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is terrible exposition, suggested by Teddy Pasternak who also suggested Letters to Juliet.

Teddy offers this analysis why this is terrible exposition:

Here’s another type of bad exposition. In this case, it’s not the dialogue — although the above-referenced line is a bit on the nose.

The point of this scene (and EVERY scene these two characters have together) is to show how wrong this guy is for her. He is obsessed with his work, neglects his girlfriend and that will eventually doom their relationship. It is done so over-the-top and so badly, with the hanging noodles and an actor who seems to have never set foot in a kitchen before, and apparently, neither has the set designer, writer or director. There are multiple scenes like this throughout the movie that keep repeating the same message: “He is wrong for you! Go with the tall blond guy instead!”

Jeez, make your point and get out of there, no need to hit us over the head with it.

Trivia: The idea for the film was inspired by the 2006 non-fiction book, “Letters to Juliet”, by Lise Friedman and Ceil Friedman, which chronicles the phenomenon of letter writing to Shakespeare’s most famous romantic heroine.

Dialogue On Dialogue: What have learned this week to avoid writing terrible exposition?

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