Spec Script Sale: “Narco Sub”

November 29th, 2011 by

Twentieth Century Fox acquires action thriller spec “Narco Sub” from writer David Guggenheim. Per Deadline:

Described as reminiscent of Scott’s Crimson Tide and Man on Fire, plot for “Narco Sub” involves the semi-submersible crafts South American drug cartels employ to smuggle cocaine into the U.S.

Man, thrillers and action-thrillers are all the rage this year. Ridley Scott attached to direct.

Guggenheim is prepped by Paradigm and Madhouse Entertainment.

By my count, this is the 98th spec script sale in 2011.

Only 55 spec scripts sold in 2010.

Only 68 spec scripts sold in 2009.

Spec script sales are up 88% year-to-date over last year.

3 thoughts on “Spec Script Sale: “Narco Sub”

  1. Nick Oleksiw says:

    “pepped by Paradigm” ? Haha.

    His script SAFE HOUSE was lots of fun, and the trailer looked different.

  2. Scott says:

    Nick, that is perhaps the best typo I’ve ever done.

    Pep: “lively spirits or energy; vigor; animation.”

    What writer wouldn’t want to be ‘pepped’ by an agent and/or manager? Much better than simply being prepped.

  3. Nate Winslow says:

    I believe it’s the other Scott brother that’s attached to that one.

    Which…the joke writes itself, doesn’t it?

    “…reminiscent of Scott’s Crimson Tide and Man on Fire…”

    So…Guggenheim put together some movies that Tony Scott’s already directed and got Tony Scott to sign on to direct the music video mash-up of his filmography.


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