Which screenwriters would you most like to see interviewed on GITS?

November 15th, 2011 by

I like to interview screenwriters as it’s a small way of promoting them and the craft, and their insights provide wisdom to GITS readers. I have tended to focus on writers who have recently sold spec scripts because I know that is what most of you are about, writing and hoping to sell a spec. But one of the benefits of the partnership with the Black List is access to a lot more screenwriters.

So how about it: Which screenwriters would you most like to see interviewed on GITS?

32 thoughts on “Which screenwriters would you most like to see interviewed on GITS?

  1. John Arends says:

    David Seidler, for the perspective…

    1. Ray says:

      Ditto. Especially for those of us who started writing after 40.

  2. L. Fernando says:

    Dan Harmon! He’s a TV writer, creator of Community, but I love his theories on story structure and his nuggets of wisdom on character creation.

    1. Scott says:

      Unfortunately it looks like Dan may have some additional time on his hands now that NBC has taken “Community” out of the lineup and put it on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time.

      1. L. Fernando says:


        I am very sad about this. It’s my favorite show. Ever.

  3. CJ Jones says:

    I would have to go with Evan Daugherty it seems like he is on a roll right now seeing that Snow White and the Huntsman is now in production. He has another movie which was called Shrapnel I’m sure about to begin production, NBC just picked up his pilot script and he is adapting the book Divergent for Summit

  4. Annika says:

    Alex Payne. What a get that would be.

  5. MonaLiNYC says:

    Bruce Joel Rubin
    Robert Mark Kamen
    Andrew Kevin Walker
    Dustin Lance Black

    okay…now just two named writers…

    Travis Beacham
    Terry Rossio
    Michael Werb
    Ehren Krueger

  6. Joe says:

    My #1 pick? Tony Gilroy. Super-talented and with a diverse slate of credits in several genres — Michael Clayton, The Cutting Edge (yes, that skating rom-com your sister loves), the Bourne franchise, The Devil’s Advocate. He also does a lot of script-doctoring and comes off very smart and BS-free in interviews/features.

    A more gettable interview that I would also enjoy is Daniel Waters (Heathers, Demolition Man, Batman Returns). He writes one of the only great sardonic teen comedies ever made (a movie 1000s of imitators have tried and failed to match). But he hasn’t another film made that comes close to stellar debut. That said, I’m partial to Demolition Man and am curious if he was the one that gave it a more satirical comedic bite (instead of just being a lame action flick).

    In other words, I imagine he has some good/frustrating Hollywood war stories to tell.

    1. I second Daniel Waters. He writes some of the best dialogue around. His unproduced script The Model Daughter is great.

  7. CrashDaily says:

    I second TONY GILROY. Whenever I want to get inspired I read Michael Clayton. Really good movie. Incredible screenplay. If you get him please ask this question, “did your specific style on the page come from William Goldman because it has a very similar rhythm.”
    Oh yeah…William Goldman too please.

    1. Annika says:

      Collateral was the only script I’ve read that was better on the page than the finished film.

      1. Annika says:

        Am just checking back to see who else has been requested and see that I wrote Collateral when I meant Michael Clayton. Whoops! Gilroy. Clayton. Good stuff.

  8. Mike says:

    I’d like to hear from Miller and Stentz — they seem to be ultra-hot right now.

  9. Ryan H. says:

    Paul Schrader or Martin McDonagh.

  10. Is this a “you can have whoever you want” wish list? In that case:

    The great stylists:
    Bill Goldman, Walter Hill, Shane Black, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Towne, Francis Ford Coppola.

    TV writers:
    Joss Whedon, Jane Espensen, Ron Moore, Shane Brennan, Bill Lawrence.

    Hardest working writers in film:
    Tom Lennon, Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman/Lindelof, Jon Favreau

    The Great Adapters:
    Steve Zaillian, Steve Kloves, Philippa Boyens

    Genre Kings:
    Chris Nolan, Robert Mark Kaman/Luc Besson, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola

    Playwrights turned screenwriters:
    Aaron Sorkin, Tom Stoppard.

    1. and before I forget:

      Script Doctors: Patton Oswalt, Carrie Fisher

  11. summertime says:

    Todd Field
    Miranda july
    Dave Eggers

  12. Tim Nargi Jr says:

    Ya Ronald D. Moore would be one I’d love to see interviewed.

    And Kirk Ellis, who did the John Adams miniseries, curious about that.

    And prolly a long shot, but Frank Darabont…

  13. Amos Posner says:

    Scott Frank because he’s a brilliant adaptor of books.

    Kenneth Lonergan and John Logan because they are strong playwrights that have written scripts for Scorsese.

    Nicholas Pileggi, because he’s a great non-fiction writer that has also managed to write great scripts.

    Ted Griffin, because he has done great screenwriting and also had a nightmare situation very publicly.

    Ad infinitum. Many great ideas named here.

  14. The first name that came to mind was Daniel Waters. Heathers is one of my all time favourite films of all time.

    Joss Whedon came to mind next, quickly followed by Mitchell Hurwitz. I’m guessing Mitchell will be working on the new series/film of Arrested Development. You have to be insane not to love that show!

  15. Oh, I know this probably wont be popular, but I’d also like to hear from Kevin Smith.

    I’ve never read anywhere about his writing process apart from him saying one that he “writes from the heart”. I kinda get the feeling he just sits down and writes without much pre-planning. I could be completely wrong of course.

  16. Not many women screenwriters on this list. How about Robin Swicord? And her husband Nicholas Kazan. Double bill!

    1. Joe says:

      Caroline Thompson would be a great pick, too.

      She’s been Tim Burton’s go-to scribe (Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride). She also wrote the 1993 film adaptation of The Secret Garden — a really lovely coming-of-age tale.

  17. Kacey Baker says:

    I’m not going to win friends here, if i do, unexpected bonus.

    David Goyer – Because I’m a fan of hero movies.

    Michael Markowitz,John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein, because “Horrible Bosses” made me laugh furiously

    Gavin O’Connor because Warrior tore my heart out even as a grown man.

    Sure I may be frowned upon for wanting to emulate or study current films straight out of Hollywood, but these movies made me laugh, punch the air and cry. Arthouse or not, these stories have left an imprint for me.

  18. Some ladies: Susannah Grant, Diablo Cody

  19. Saint says:

    Peter Hedges. Michel Gondry. Dave Eggers.

    1. Saint says:

      Johnathan Nolan. Philippa Boyens & Fran Walsh.

  20. Scott says:

    Okay, everyone. That’s an incredible list. We’ll see what we can do. Thanks for your suggestions! Once again you demonstrate how well-informed the GITS community is about the screenwriting business.

    1. I’ll be thoroughly disappointed if you don’t get all of these, plus Terrence Malick, J.D. Salinger and the guy who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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