The entire conversation: Billy Wilder & I.A.L. Diamond

December 1st, 2011 by

Here are all the links for the entire interview with Billy Wilder & I.A.L. Diamond:

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

Part 4 here.

Part 5 here.

Part 6 here.

Part 7 here.

Part 8 here.

Part 9 here.

Part 10 here.

Such an amazing conversation, one of those things you could read each year and learn something new.

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3 thoughts on “The entire conversation: Billy Wilder & I.A.L. Diamond

  1. This has been great! Thanks for posting this series. I wondered how many parts there were – they just kept coming. Just awesome.

  2. John Arends says:

    Thanks for serving these up, Scott, in such perfectly sized and tantalizing portions. I thoroughly enjoyed them and learned so much…

    …not the least of which was an appreciation for the worldview and attitude that these two geniuses brought to their work and their surroundings each day.

    Outlook and attitude…master tools in shaping both stories and the storytellers themselves… Thanks again!

  3. tracinell says:

    What an amazing team, what a pleasure to learn from the best. Thanks, Scott!

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