Daily Dialogue — February 17, 2012

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KIT: Hi, I’m Kit. I’m not keeping you from anything important, am I?


KIT: Well, I was just messing around over there, thought I’d come over and say hello to you. (smiling) I’ll try anything once. (pause) What’s your name? I said mine.

HOLLY: Holly.

KIT: Listen, Holly. you want to take a walk with me?

HOLLY: What for?

KIT: Well. I got some stuff to say. Guess I’m kind of lucky that way. Most people don’t have anything on their minds, do they?

Holly eyes him suspiciously.


They walk down the middle of the street. Holly has accepted his offer.

KIT: Oh, incidentally, my last name is Carruthers. Sounds a little too much like “druthers,” doesn’t it?

HOLLY: It’s okay.

KIT: Well, nobody asked me what I thought. They just hung it on me.

Holly breaks the silence that follows.

HOLLY: You still in school?

KIT: Nah, I got me a job.

HOLLY: (o.c.) Doing what?

KIT: Well, I don’t mind getting up early, so I got a job throwing garbage… I’m not in love with the stuff, okay.

In the distance we hear Holly’s FATHER calling her. She eases off.

HOLLY: That’s my father. I got to run.

KIT: Hey. wait a minute. When am I going to see you again?

Holly isn’t sure how to reply.

HOLLY: Well, I know what my daddy’s going to say.

KIT: (o.c.) What?

HOLLY: Can I be honest?

KIT: Sure.

HOLLY: Well, that I shouldn’t be seen with anybody that collects garbage.

KIT: (o.c.) He’ll say that?

HOLLY: Yeah.

KIT: (o.c.) Now what’s he know about garbage, huh?

HOLLY: Nothing.

KIT: (o.c.) There you go.

— Kit (Martin Sheen), Holly (Sissy Spacek), Badlands (1973), written by Terrence Malick

The actual clip is here.

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is meet-ups, suggested by Teddy Pasternak, who also suggested Badlands.

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