Daily Dialogue — March 20, 2012

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Eli Sunday: We have a sinner with us here, who wishes for salvation. Daniel, are you a sinner?

Plainview: Yes.

Eli Sunday: The Lord can’t hear you, Daniel. Say it to him. Go ahead and speak to him, it’s alright.

Plainview: Yes.

Eli Sunday: Down on your knees and up to him. Look up to the sky and say it.

Plainview: What do you want me to say?

Eli Sunday: Daniel, you have come here and you have brought good and wealth, but you have also brought your bad habits as a backslider. You’ve lusted after women, and you have abandoned your child. Your child that you raised, you have abandoned all because he was sick and you have sinned. So say it now- I am a sinner.

Plainview: I am a sinner.

Eli Sunday: Say it louder – I am a sinner!

Plainview: I am a sinner.

Eli Sunday: Louder, Daniel. I am a sinner!

Plainview: I am a sinner.

Eli Sunday: I am sorry Lord!

Plainview: I am sorry Lord.

Eli Sunday: I want the blood!

Plainview: I want the blood.

Eli Sunday: You have abandoned your child!

Plainview: I have abandoned my child.

Eli Sunday: I will never backslide!

Plainview: I will never backslide.

Eli Sunday: I was lost, but now I am found!

Plainview: I was lost but now I’m found.

Eli Sunday: I have abandoned my child!

[Plainview glares at him]

Eli Sunday: Say it… say it!

[Plainview mumbles]

Eli Sunday: Say it louder… say it louder!

Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my boy!

— Eli (Paul Dano), Planview (Daniel Day Lewis), There Will Be Blood (2007), screenplay by Paul Thomas Anderson, based on a novel by Upton Sinclair

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is apology, suggested by John Arends. Today’s suggestion is by Teddy Pasternak.

Trivia: The first line of dialogue occurs more than fourteen and a half minutes into the film.

Dialogue On Dialogue: That is one intense scene and can be considered a set-up for the payoff of the famous “I will drink your milk shake” scene at the end.

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