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Back for another installment of Saturday Hot Links!

This week: The Cute Sea Otter Edition!

Wait a sec. Teens are not abandoning TV for the Internet.

Is North Carolina becoming Little Hollywood? [HT to Teddy Pasternak for the link]

Wow! A previously unknown Mozart piano piece discovered.

20 movies and other things to look forward to at the upcoming SXSW Festival.

And speaking of which: A guide to all the SXSW films this year.

It’s Toy Story reimagined as The Shining.

Can you say “Gossip Girl” in Chinese?

From 75 years ago, Life magazine provides a pictorial on how a wife should undress in front of her husband. I wonder what Rick Santorum would think about this?

Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki on why he became a director: “I was not talented enough to be a writer”.

The 10 best fictional bookstores in pop culture.

From Hollywood & Swine: Starbucks Bans Screenwriters From All 19,435 Locations Worldwide.

Universal pulls Ouija out of turnaround, sets 2013 release.

How about 5 leadership lessons from… James Kirk?

Moviegoer sues theaters for high costs of food and drinks.

More legal: Lawyer who appeared on a local TV call-in show is now suing CBS for failing to refer clients to him.

The 10 best movies adapted from memoirs.

The “How to Make a Horror Film Flow Chart”.

David Fincher battling Netflix over budgets for original series “House of Cards”.

New MIB: 3 trailer here.

On the front of another three-quel: Keanu Reeves says there is a completed script to Bill & Ted 3.

Ten crazy confusing traffic signs.

Topher Grace edited all three “Star Wars” prequels into one 84-minute long movie he calls Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back. Peter at SlashFilm attended a private screening and describes it here. introduces A-list titles including actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway.

5 ways not to write a novel.

Uggie, the dog from The Artist, becomes a spokes-dog for Nintendo.

Conceptual designer Ralph McQuarrie, who designed the look of “Star Wars” characters including Darth Vader and Chewbacca, died Saturday, March 3, in Berkeley, Calif.

No two ways about it: Messi is sick .

Current TV expands their morning programming.

And they said it would never fly: Redbox tops 2B rental mark.

Movie scenes [e.g., American Beauty, Reservoir Dogs, Psycho) recreated with Legos.

Sony Pictures Classics nabs distribution rights to 2012 Sundance film Smashed.

Meanwhile their kissing cousins at Sony Records embarrassed: Hackers steal unreleased Michael Jackson songs.

FlavorWire: 10 Evocative Writers of Place.

Woody Allen to co-star in John Turturro’s new movie.

The 10 best guest stars on “Portlandia”.

We are very near the end of civilization.

And while we’re at it: 13 things the Bible forbids… that you’re probably ‘guilty’ of doing.

David Chase on the way “The Sopranos” should have ended

Tales from another top TV showrunner: Matt Weiner says he actually quit “Mad Men” during negotiations with AMC.

Kevin Smith will give $$ to whoever comes up with the Batman vs Darth Vader animation.

Watch part of the table read for Superbad .

IFC Midnight secures domestic and S. America distribution rights to Grabbers, written by GITS friend and screenwriter Kevin Lehane.

Poor Mark Zuckerberg. He doesn’t make the cut as one of the world’s top 20 billionaires. Let’s all go friend him to make him feel better!

Fox and the New York TV Festival team up to create a comedy script contest to find new talent.

Turns out you need both hemispheres of your brain to be creative.

James Cameron leading 100th anniversary special on the National Geographic Channel.

Read Aldous Huxley’s letter to George Orwell about “1984” here.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt lead an all-star reading of the stage drama “Prop 8” written by Dustin Lance Black.

I thought I was the only person in the world who knew the cable network Ovation existed, but evidently it’s now in 50 million homes.

And sadly Robert Sherman, the composer who wrote the song “It’s a Small World,” died this week at the age of 86.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week: Tom Benedek reprises the popular SMC course offering Network Hollywood. Subject areas: QUERY LETTERS, GENRE STRATEGIES, CONTESTS, WORKING WITH MANAGERS AND AGENTS, LOGLINES AND PITCHES, THE RIGHT SCRIPT TO REPRESENT YOU, THE PERSONAL CREATIVE QUEST, and LONG TERM AND SHORT TERM GOALS. Plus the course features exclusive interviews with industry insiders like producer Gavin Polone (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), manager Adam Kolbrenner (Madhouse Entertainment), and screenwriter Stanley Weiser (Wall Street), as well as the opportunity to interface with them. The 2-week course begins Monday, March 19. For more information, go here.

Don’t forget: Starting Monday, March 12 Pixar and the Craft of Screenwriting, a 1-week online course I’ll be teaching.

And starting Monday, March 26 Prep: From Concept to Outline, a 6-week workshop where you break your story the way the pros do.

Tom and I look forward to working with you!

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  1. Debbie Moon says:

    I *love* the How To Undress link. And there was actually a School Of Undressing? Sounds like a Monty Python sketch…

  2. Okay, about the otter videos:

    I read Saturday hot links every week. It’s a ritual. However, today, as I logged on, my fiancee saw the otter videos. She was two or three Smirnoffs into the night and HAD TO SEE THE OTTERS.

    So, before I could get to the interesting articles, I had to watch eight minutes of goddamn otters.

    Butt my gal thanks you Scott.

    1. *but

      I’m two Fosters into the night myself.

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