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Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street) writing a treatment a sequel to Project X for Warner Bros., a movie he co-wrote.

Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) talks Hunger Games and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Max Borenstein (“The Seventh Son”) hired by to write sci-fi space adventure Paladin for Disney.

Novelist and screenwriter Michael Chabon talks about how he ended up co-writing John Carter.

Shawn Christensen (“Abduction”) hired to write The Man From Nowhere reboot for Dimension Films.

Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder) named to make his directing debut on “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies” based on a Black List script.

“Lost” showrunner Carlton Cuse taking the reins of A&E series “Bates Motel”, a prequel to the movie Psycho.

Bret Easton Ellis (Bright Lights Big City) and director Paul Schrader casting The Canyons based on Ellis’ screenplay.

Eric Heisserer (Final Destination 5 is another writer to jump to directing with Hours which has cast Paul Walker and Genesis Rodriguez.

Peter Landesman (The Mission) tapped to adapt “The Galton Case”, a Lew Archer mystery for Warner Bros.

Max Landis (Chronicle) back for Chronicle 2 for Fox.

Mike Markowitz (Horrible Bosses) tapped to write an untitled animation project for Tradition Studios.

Cormac McCarthy’s first screenplay “The Counselor” is becoming quite a project with Ridley Scott attached to direct and in talks with Jeremy Renner, Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman to star.

Black List screenwriter and playwright Michael Mitnick (“The Current War”) writes the book for Animal House as it moves to Broadway.

Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil, who wrote the original, have been hired to write the sequel Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnome for Rocket Pictures.

Scott Rosenberg (Con Air) brought in for polish and punch-up duties on Pain & Gain for Paramount and Platinum Dunes.

Vanity Fair with a big article on Aaron Sorkin’s influence on politics hearkening back to the TV series “West Wing”.

More Sorkin: He is to deliver the commencement address this year at his alma mater.

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4 thoughts on “Screenwriting News

  1. I hope the Steve Koren campaign is some sort of joke between him and Toph Eggers and that they’re best friends or something. Otherwise, that is just nasty and ignorant. Eggers (yeah, Dave’s kid brother) doesn’t seem to know how the business works. I’m no fan of most of the films Koren has his name on (several of them co-written by others, Adam Sandler included), but to blame one single writer for the failure of a film is completely off base.

    Eggers, who calls himself “a screenwriter in Los Angeles” has two writing credits on IMDb, one of which is “Catblock (The Ultimate Co%kblock)”, a film he also directed. I encourage everyone to watch it and predict the outcome of his career. Since the film was made for Funny Or Die, I have my prediction: R.I.P. Toph Eggers.

  2. I was deeply disturbed by the Toph Eggers article. He came across as petty, mean and an utter f***k nut. Not to mention completely unprofessional.
    After listening to a positive and uplifting podcast a few weeks ago (August & Mazin) on the unwritten protocol of respecting your fellow writers and NEVER throwing another writer under the bus, this article left me with nothing but bile build-up in my throat.
    I suggest starting a petition to get this bored diva with illusion of grandeur off the net and perhaps a lifetime supply of duct tape for his mouth (correction: fingers).

  3. DEV WADHWA says:

    Agreed. That Eggers thing really pissed me off. He even trashed “Bowfinger” which is hilarious and has arguably the greatest performance of Eddie Murphy’s career (and is at 80% on RT, the site Eggers uses to trash the other films written by Koren) and was written by Steve Martin. And it’s really not that difficult to defend Koren’s record (2 SNL adaptations – those rarely turn out good, Adam Sandler’s movies are what they are (even when masters like Apatow or Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor contribute to the scripts), and Bruce Almighty was pretty decent and made a half a billion dollars. Toph Eggers can suck it.

  4. Dev Wadhwa, care to get into it?

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