Daily Dialogue — April 18, 2012

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Ken: Mariel, you’ve probably seen the news about the civil war in South Africa. Well, just as the South Africans seem to be doing the right thing by the blacks, the police open fire on a black soccer club, and that is bad news for David.

Muriel: Are you black?

David: What?

Muriel: I don’t know why I said that.

Ken: Well, well, it is funny, in a way. But let’s be honest. The South Africans were never much chop in the pool anyway. David here is a bit of a freak, really. And I think that he is gonna get the gold medal for the fifteen hundred metres in the next Olympic Games. Mariel, how did you feel when Kieren Perkins took gold for Australia at Barcelona?

Muriel: Who?

David: Kieren Perkins. He’s an Australian champion.

Ken: Now, David’s family are willing to do anything to see him fulfill his potential as a champion even if it means swimming for another country. And they’re willing to pay ten thousand dollars to the girl that’ll help Dave out. Are you from Sydney originally?

Muriel: What? No, Porpoise Spit.

Ken: Ah. And why did you leave there?

Muriel: Well, because of all the mental things that happened to me. I got shallow, and my physical being could have been improved and as well as my mentality.

David: What about the black-haired one?

Ken: No, she was Turkish. She’s only been in the country five minutes. Now, whoever marries David will have to tell the immigration authorities that they’re in love with him. Now, there’ll be media attention so they’ll have to live with David in his flat for at least four months after the marriage. I’ve worked out all the details of the romance which you and David will have to stick to. But the most important thing is to convince people that you two are really in love.

David: What about the blonde?

Ken: You didn’t like her.

David: I’m not so sure now.

Ken: Now, I think Muriel might be just what we’re looking for. Well, it’s up to you now, love. Would you find it difficult to lie?

Muriel: I could try.

— Muriel (Toni Collette), David (Daniel Lapaine) Ken (Chris Haywood), Muriel’s Wedding (1994), written by P.J. Hogan

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is marriage proposals, suggested by Teddy Pasternak who also picked Muriel’s Wedding.

Trivia: The writer/director P.J. Hogan wanted to use the music of ABBA in the film. At first, permission for the music to be used was denied. When the director promised to fly to Europe to plead his case to the founders of the band, permission was granted, as long as the band received a percentage of the film profits. The film turned out to be a big international hit, and thus helped inspire the very successful Broadway show which became the movie Mamma Mia!.

Dialogue On Dialogue: This is one of the most roundabout ways to get to a marriage proposal.

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