One hour of deleted scenes from “Blue Velvet”

June 10th, 2012 by

Holy crap, what a find! From Dangerous Minds:

Blue Velvet’s original shooting script is reputed to have been over four hours long. The theatrical release came in at 120 minutes. An additional hour of deleted footage was thought to have been lost when the producer of the film, Dino De Laurentis, sold his company. Fortunately, the footage was located and was released as an extra on the Blu-ray edition of Blue Velvet . These deleted scenes have been uploaded to YouTube and I present them here for your viewing pleasure. Rumor has it that there is even more footage out there.

Things kick off with a bang in a barroom scene with Jeffrey Beaumont, Frank Booth, a bevy of prostitutes, an old dude singing some deranged blues tune, violence on a pool table and a woman with glowing nipples.

Knowing Lynch, I would guess this is NSFW:

9 thoughts on “One hour of deleted scenes from “Blue Velvet”

  1. Damn it! I’m all out of Pabst Blue Ribbon. I can’t drink Heineken when I’m watching this!!!

  2. Good lord this is a goldmine!!! How did I not know about this sooner?! (er, I know how… I continue to resist the Bluray revolution like a decayed old yoyo clinging to his 33 rpm LP’s… perhaps the time has come….)

    Anyway, thanks so much for this Scott! Blue Velvet is one of those movies that shaped and crafted my tragic, terminal love affair with the cinema…

    No Pabst here either… I’ll make do with the Schlitz in the garage… don’t tell Frank. Er, “Daddy,” I mean.

  3. It’s a date – me and the deleted scenes, got the bourbon ready.

  4. Scott says:

    I remember walking out of a theater in Berkeley with my wife and two friends after seeing the movie when it came out in 1986, and they were like, “Why were you laughing?” Years later when they saw “Twin Peaks,” they went, “Now I get it.”

    I don’t even know if you could describe BV a dark comedy or even a satire, but Lynch does this… thing… with tone. Deeply disturbing, but also over-the-top moments of what can only be taken as humor. I swear every time Laura Dern cried in BV, I cracked up. And Frank is one of the most frightening yet comical characters ever, all rolled into one.

    Maybe we should do a Tweet-Cast of “Blue Velvet” some time.

    1. I first saw Blue Velvet in college when our professor showed it. I can’t remember the course, but it was a night class and for some odd reason, the room was at capacity for that particular showing (probably because the professor was a true scholar so there was a lot of interest in what he had to say about the film).

      I think a tweet-cast would be very well worth staying up for.

      “I looked for you in my closet tonight.”

      Cracks. Me. Up.

    2. I was going to Cal when it was released, took it in opening day. We probably saw it at the same theater.

      1. Scott says:

        My wife was going to Cal then. She probably stole your favorite parking spot near campus!

        1. You can let her off the hook on that one – I didn’t get a car until I moved to LA a few years later. However, there was that chick that sold me some bad acid…

          1. I started wracking my brain about what the theater’s name was/is, looks like it’s the Elmwood on College. Most of the theaters from my Berkeley days are still open, but I still haven’t quite gotten over the UC Berkeley Rep theater closing in the early 90s, that was a singular tragedy, saw all kinds of movies there – I still remember the steady stream of patrons leaving SALO, starting about a third of the way in.

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