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June 9th, 2012 by

Time for another installment of Saturday Hot Links!

Today: The Woody Allen Stand-Up Comedy Edition!

Hollywood remembers Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury in the New Yorker: Two stories.

Reports of first doctor to attend to Abraham Lincoln after he was shot found.

Noomi Rapace’s screen tests for Prometheus .

44 things you don’t know about alien movies.

How the universe got bigger as we measured it.

New Yorker: A brief history of Snow White.

Five lessons from the success of Kristen Stewart’s Snow White.

Vulture: Eighty eight things we thought while watching SWATH.

Universal moving forward on a sequel to SWATH.

12 offbeat holidays you can celebrate in June.

Sissy Spacek: ‘Hollywood Gobbles Up Actresses Like a Piranha’.

The complete history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Seven great Hollywood commencement speeches to the class of 2012.

Twenty seven bits of wisdom from the 2012 commencements addresses.

Why TV is trouncing film at major media companies.

BRIC news: Warner Bros. Pictures & Fox International join forces in Brazil.

President Obama has private breakfast with young Hollywood stars.

Creativity Post: Story & Games.

Producer Joel Silver signs five-year distribution deal with Universal.

Self-publishing boosts U.S. print output.

TotalFilm: 50 worst movie special effects.

A brief guide to Earth’s most interesting impact craters.

Studios will stop delivering conventional film prints by the end of 2013. Which, I guess, means we have to cease calling them ‘films’.

Online demand for movies, TV shows will top DVD sales this year.

What happens to National Spelling Bee winners later in life? They all become doctors.

Nine rare stills from classic films.

John Lasseter talks future Pixar projects.

Holy Bat Dollars!!! Warner Bros. launches merchandise campaign for 1960’s “Batman” TV series.

A look at Dr. Seuss left-leaning WWII cartoons.

Star Wars as a Dr. Seuss book.

Between the ear and brain, an orderly orchestra of synapses.

IndieWire: Reviews of 8 new indie releases.

Thirty five classic baseball cards and what they’re worth now.

Want a replica of the Game of Thrones ‘iron throne’? It will set you back a cool $30K.

Musical study challenges left-brain / right-brain split.

Celebrating Hollywood’s dog stars.

ArcLight Cinemas to open first East Coast location in Maryland.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse announce fall tour.

Barry Diller donates $30M to the Motion Picture and Television Fund.

People hear with their skin as well as their ears.

The Hollywood Palladium is for sale.

Why does everything taste bad after you brush your teeth?

The real places where John Hughes’ movies were shot.

Why Ferris Bueller never existed.

The Rumpus interview with Dave Eggers.

Sony shares hit 32-year low.

Artist turns his dead cat into a flying helicopter. That seems… logical?

Warner Bros. wanted to cast Leondardo DiCaprio as The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises.

FlavorWire: Ten bands that would make great cults.

Terry Gilliam’s 1985 letter to Universal’s Sid Sheinberg about his movie Brazil.

An electric guitar urinal that creates rock music with pee.

A time-lapse journey through Disneyland .

Disney goes anti-obesity.

Amelia Earhart’s freckle cream discovered on South Pacific island.

And finally Joe Eszterhas pens a tell-all Mel Gibson eBook.

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