Go On Your Own Quest, Week 10: Prep

September 21st, 2012 by

“The Quest” has entered Week 10! And so did Go On Your Own Quest, an opportunity for anyone to follow the structure of “The Quest” to dig into screenwriting theory [Core – 8 weeks], figure out your story [Prep – 6 weeks], and write a first draft [Pages – 10 weeks]. It’s a 24-week immersion in the screenwriting process and you can do it here – for free!

This week the writers in The Quest are deep into brainstorming their stories and characters. For those of you who plan to Go On Your Own Quest, we began our week-long discussion on brainstorming Monday with this question: How is brainstorming helpful to you as a writer? Discussion here. Tuesday’s question: Do you interview your characters? If so, how? Discussion here. Wednesday’s question: What tips do you have for conducting story research? Discussion here. Yesterday’s question: When do you know you’ve done enough research on your story? Discussion here. Today’s question:

* Do you use character archetypes in developing your story?

I encourage you to Go On Your Own Quest. First off, you can’t sell a script unless you write it. Second, you can’t get better as a writer unless you write. Third, if you don’t write that script now, when are you going to write it?

So consider this your very own Call To Adventure. Will you heed the call?

I will be teaching the 6-week online writing workshop Prep: From Concept To Outline beginning October 15th.

For background on “Go Into The Story: The Quest,” go here and here.

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  1. Debbie Moon says:

    I often think about the character types in other, similar movies, and whether I’m going to need similar characters. Sometimes about character types and functions more generally. But only as a starting point, to get things going…

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