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Scott: OK, Poppy. Your boots are inappropriate for a driving lesson.
Poppy: What’s wrong with them?
Scott: You can’t control a car in high heels.
Poppy: I can do a lot in these. You should see me in these on a dance floor.
Scott: They may be good on a dance floor.
Poppy: Not just good on a dance floor. They are “Oooh”.
Scott: They may be good in a pink Cadillac on a beach when you’re pissed with your boyfriend, but they’re not suitable for driving.
Poppy: You’re funny.
Scott: Now, next week I want you to bring flat-soled shoes.
Poppy: I don’t look any good in them.
Scott: I don’t care how you look, it’s how you drive.
Poppy: I’ll see what I can rustle up for you, Scott. Leave it to me.
Scott: Right, you see three mirrors – your two side-view mirrors and your rear-view mirror. They make a golden triangle.
Poppy: Is that like the pubic triangle?
Scott: It’s a pyramid and at the top of it you see the all-seeing eye – Enrahah. Can you repeat that, please? En-ra-hah.
Poppy: You talking about the eye of Lucifer?
Scott: No.
Poppy: Cause I don’t know if I want to look in there, thank you.
Scott: It’s not Lucifer. There are two fallen angels before Lucifer. There is Enrahah, Raziel and Lucifer.
Poppy: I don’t have them in my phone book.
Scott: Bear with me.
Poppy: Where is he?
Scott: Bear with me.
Poppy: I can’t see him.
Scott: It’s a teaching tool.
Poppy: Is it?
Scott: Let me explain something to you about teaching. The teacher’s job is to bring out good habits in the pupil and to get rid of bad habits. He does that through frequent repetitive thinking. And he does that by creating clear and distinct images that are easy for the pupil to retain.
Poppy: Oh, does he, now?
Scott: Yes.
Poppy: Don’t worry, it’s burnt in there.
Scott: You remember. You will remember Enrahah till the day you die and I will have done my job.
Poppy: Why don’t you have something nice up there like a giant strawberry?
Scott: Believe you me, it works. OK, stop!
Poppy: What am I doing now?
Scott: Please take your hand off the gear. Off the gear stick!
Poppy: All right.
Scott: Foot off the pedal.
Poppy: I’m not touching anything.
Scott: Let me explain to you something. This car is my livelihood. This car is how I earn my living. I don’t know how you earn your living. But if I walked into your pub or your discotheque or your club and I walked up to the DJ and I scratched all his records or I smashed all the glasses, and I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing,” that wouldn’t be acceptable.
Poppy: There is only one problem with that. I don’t own a bar or a disco. I’m just a primary school teacher.

— Scott (Eddie Marsan), Poppy (Sally Hawkins), Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), written by Mike Leigh

This week’s Daily Dialogue theme is Teacher-Student, suggested by Teddy Pasternak who also recommended Happy-Go-Lucky.

Trivia: Most of Mike Leigh’s work in theater and film is done without any initial script. He and the actors improvise their characters and the scenes under his overall control.

Dialogue On Dialogue: This is a great example of a scene seemingly being about something [driving] when it’s about something else [relationship].

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  1. This is also a great teacher/student example because the student is also a teacher who teaches in an entirely open and participatory manner. The contrast helps to make Marsden’s character all the more menacing by the end.

  2. animationy says:

    Man I love this film
    Talk about putting chalk and cheese in a saucepan and turning up the heat!
    Love Sally Hawkins – thanks for suggesting this clip.

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