Daily Dialogue — November 29, 2012

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Penelope (V.O.): My parents were born into the good life. Old money, blue-blooded society sweethearts.

Reporter: Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

Jessica Wilhern: We’ll be happy with whatever we have!

Penelope (V.O.): Having played host to kings and queens and other powers that be, they were used to gracing the pages of society columns. So they welcomed the attention on what they supposed would be the happiest day of their lives. But local legend had it that a curse was put on the Wilhern family, when my great-great-great-grandfather Ralph had a fling with Clara, a lowly servant girl. When he told his family of his plans to marry Clara, he realized how silly he’d been. Clara was, after all, just a servant girl. So Ralph married someone more suitable, and Clara… fell off a cliff. That night, Clara’s mother, the town witch, came to the Wilhern house seeking revenge. She wanted these blue bloods to feel the pain of rejection her daughter felt, and commanded that the next Wilhern daughter be born with the face of a pig.

The Witch: And only when one of your own kind claims this daughter as their own, till death do they part, will the curse be broken!

Penelope (V.O.): With the threat of the curse hanging over their heads, the next five Wilhern brides lived in terror of being the first to give birth to a daughter. But as luck would have it, they gave birth to all sons, who had all sons, who had all sons, who had all sons. Finally, born to Ella and Leonard Wilhern, a beautiful baby girl. But what they didn’t know then was that Ella hadn’t actually given birth to a Wilhern. She had given birth to… a Jones. Which means that the first-born Wilhern girl… was me.

Penelope (2006), written by Leslie Caveny

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is giving birth, suggested by blknwite. Today’s suggestion by Teddy Pasternak.

Trivia: First cinema film of Russell Brand.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Teddy: “Here’s a classic fairy tale opening, jam-packed with backstory, exposition and of course a birth.”

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