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November 12th, 2012 by

As of today, 130+ writers have registered at the GOYOQ Forums. Per the schedule of The Quest, this is the beginning of Week 18 which means writers could be through the end of Act One in their draft, and plunging into Act Two.

So this is just me checking in: How are things going with those of you participating in Go On Your Own Quest? Please take a moment and provide some feedback in comments on your writing, the GOYOQ experience, the Forums, and so on.

Seeing as there 7 weeks left in the challenge, there is still time for you to commit yourself to pounding out the first draft of an original screenplay within a structured – and free – environment. Find out more by visiting the GOYOQ Forums.

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4 thoughts on “Go On Your Own Quest

  1. Debbie Moon says:

    Well, not as far along with the script as I’d like to be, but that’s down to my TV show, so I guess that’s unavoidable…

    What I have discovered is that my original structure for the first act was causing all kinds of problems, and I’ve changed that to something more common for the genre (though hopefully the setting and other elements will still keep it fresh…)

    And thanks to the GOYOQ system, I’ve done far more work on my characters than I do usually, which has been really helpful. So despite being way behind, I figure I’m actually doing pretty well!

  2. Nearing the end of Act 1 today … hit the first plot point and getting ready to let the ramifications roll. Have discovered a BIG shift in one character’s arc, and am now trying to fix a revelation and decide when it comes/how that changes things. Have a feeling I’ll be spending a little time with my script diary over the next few days …

  3. Shaula Evans says:

    I really appreciate the company and moral support of the forums. We’ve got some brilliant, funny, generous, talented people helping each other out over there.

    I thought I’d take advantage of GOYOQ by jumping in the deep end with an overly ambitious project that’s making me stretch as a writer. The positive feedback and comraderie of the forums and the structure of GOYOQ has gone a long way to keeping me on the rails. And our weekly check in discussion has worked like a buddy system or honour system to keep me motivated to hit my weekly writing goals.

    I’m excited by the level of participation in the forum’s Logline Workshop. It’s always easier to write someone else’s logline than your own, and we’re not only helping each other polish up some impressive loglines, I am benefiting from the chance to practice writing the slippery things.

    If any GITS readers haven’t checked the forums out or have been lurking but haven’t joined the conversation yet, please be brave and join us. The forum is an extension of the GITS community: great people who love writing and who want to support each other. It’s a great space, it isn’t at all cliquish, and everyone is truly welcome.

  4. Lydia Mulvey says:

    The GOYOQ forum is proving enormously helpful, especially in terms of getting and giving feedback on loglines.

    I’ve learned an enormous amount by helping other people work on their loglines.

    As for my own GOYOQ script, I’ve ditched it after 40 difficult pages in favor of a different idea.

    Having just finished a sci fi, I felt a little fatigued by the genre so I’ve put it on ice until I get a little down and dirty psychological thriller script done.

    As a result, I’m much happier and have stopped avoiding my computer.

    The idea is going well, prep is helping to formulate where I want to take it and the logline section on the forum is really helpful.

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