Movies You Made: “Mock Justice”

November 17th, 2012 by

I received an email this week from Kris Wellman:

Hi Scott!

My name’s Kris, I’m a huge GITS follower and a former Quest applicant. Thank you for all your screenwriting wisdom and insight over the years, it’s been very much appreciated!

I’m emailing you to let you know that my new comedy webseries “Mock Justice” is now online. My writing partner and I wrote, directed, and produced the 6-episode first season, which we shot entirely in my old high school on a shoestring budget. The series is about a washed up teenage mock attorney who attempts to redeem himself by taking on the case that once destroyed him (think John Grisham meets “Saved by the Bell.”)

Here is Episode 1:

Series Website

YouTube Channel

Thanks, Kris, and good luck with “Mock Justice.”

If any of you have been involved in the production of a film or web series, and would like to have it promoted on GITS, please email me with details.

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