Script To Screen: “Grosse Pointe Blank”

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From the 1997 movie Grosse Pointe Blank [screenplay by Tom Jankiewicz and D.V. DeVincentis & Steve Pink & John Cusack, story by Tom Jankiewicz].

Setup: Martin Blank [John Cusack] is a professional assassin. He is sent on a mission to a small Detroit suburb, Grosse Pointe, and, by coincidence, his ten-year high school reunion party is taking place there at the same time. Here he meets with Grocer [Dan Aykroyd], another assassin.

               INT. DINER - LATE MORNING

               Martin sits in a window booth splitting nutrient caplets 
               into an apple juice and looking out the window.


               slides into the booth, across from Martin.

               MARTIN AND GROCER

               Martin draws a nasty little PPK pistol from his waist, and 
               levels it at Grocer under the table-- but Grocer is already 
               drawing his pistol down there, and there is an instant Mexican 
               breakfast stand-off.

                         Easy, tiger.

               A waitress approaches.

                         Hi. Welcome to B.I. McCafferty's. My 
                         name is Melanie and I'll be your 
                         server this morning. Let me tell you 
                         about some of our specials. Today we 
                         have the "Alfalfa on My Mind," our 
                         feature omelette. And there's our 
                         "Gatsby's West Egg Omelette." And if 
                         you're in the mood for something 
                         different there's the "I left my 
                         heart in San Franchezie."

               Martin and Grocer's eyes remain locked.

                         I want two eggs poached, hash brown 
                         well-done. English muffin for the 
                         bread. And a coffee.

                         Whole-grain pancakes. And an egg-
                         white omelette.

                         What would you like in the omelette?

                         Nothing in the omelette. Nothing at 

               The waitress nods pertly and leaves.

                              (re: the omelette)
                         Come on, live a little. I'm sorry 
                         about the incident yesterday.

                         No harm no foul.

                         A little misunderstanding among my 


                         I told them to kill you and they 

                         Hard to get good help these days.

                         But since we're both here, I think 
                         it's time to take a fresh look at 
                         our relationship.

                         I didn't get into this business to 
                         have "associates." And I don't want 
                         to join your Goddamned union. "Loner--
                         " "Loner gunman." Get it? "On my 
                         own." That's the whole point. Why 
                         don't you become a cop, or something. 
                         You can drink coffee in the morning... 
                         with friends!

               Grocer looks a little hurt.

                              (easing up)
                         Look, this is a one-on-one business... 
                         Every time you get to know people, 
                         bad things happen. If it'll make you 
                         feel any better, this is my last 
                         job. So what do you say we put our 
                         guns away and forget the whole damn 

               Grocer loses it.

                         Fuck you! No scabs! From now on, 
                         everything's regulated!

               Long beat as Grocer gets a hold of himself.

                         No deal.

                         Fine. But we're not going to let you 
                         do your job. Because we're gonna do 
                         it. And then, after we do your job, 
                         we're gonna do another little job...

                         Is that right?

                         Yeah-- after I shoot you through the 
                         fucking forehead I'm gonna fuck you 
                         in the bullethole.

                         Nice talk, Sugarmouth.

The scene from the movie:

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