Update: The Official 2012 GITS Spec Script Sales Prognostication Contest List!

November 29th, 2012 by

So toward the end of 2011, I ran a contest: Who could guess the number of spec script sales in 2012? You can see the post with the final list here. And here is that final list:

61: Brendon
69: Bob Lackie
70: Dave
72: tracinell
74: @LALetts
75: Debbie Moon
76: ApproBAT
77: Daniel Hogan
78: Teddy Pasternak, J. RA
80: Mike
81: churnage
82: Kilg
83: Sean Z P Harris
84: John Arends
85: Michael
86: Jack Napier
87: Jake Lasker, Scott Myers
88: Tony
89: Michael
90: David Proenza
91: Adem, Tim Nargi Jr., @Ry_Votro
92: Courtney Chambers
93: Chris
94: Kurt
95: Alex
96: Alexander Gorelik
97: Antonello Sammito
98: Nathan Snelgrove
99: Brock Weaver, Nick J. Scott
100: Christopher Westfield
101: landvermesser, John Muth
102: L. Fernando
103: mscherer
104: Marc Teichmann
105: Sean Cameron
106: bappo24
107: C. S. Cyr
108: fakesteph
109: Heather Hale
110: Cameron Alexander
111: @jannagummo
112: Jason
114: Lisa McFadden
115: benjo
116: Diana Lee
117: Chris Roberts, Nick Oleksiw
118: Frankenscript
119: Tillery Johnson
121: januaryfire
122: Nick West
123: John Geraci, Summertime
124: Josh
128: Judy Potocki
132: Atlanta
135: pliny the elder

I even offered a prize to winner: ” I will read any script of the winner’s choice and do a thirty-minute teleconference to discuss it with them.”

Currently we are sitting on 88 deals. Interesting that this is one away from my prediction.

Anyway let’s track what happens from here on out. Last year, there were 10 deals in December, an unusually high number considering how Hollywood basically shuts down around 12/10. Plus it just doesn’t seem like the acquisition market has as much steam compared to last year at this time.

But as busy as I am, whoever the winner is, I will stand by my word, read your script and talk with you on the phone about it.

Question: Should we run the contest again for 2013?

3 thoughts on “Update: The Official 2012 GITS Spec Script Sales Prognostication Contest List!

  1. A2Jason says:

    I would love to participate in this contest again in 2013. And I would also love Hollywood to purchase 24 more scripts in 32 days or less to hit my apparently far-fetched prediction of 112 :lol :)

  2. Debbie Moon says:

    Well, I was way too low this year, so I’d like another shot at it…

  3. TheQuietAct says:

    You’re like Santa.
    Pressies for Christmas for guessing good during the year.

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