Daily Dialogue: A Year In Review

December 31st, 2012 by

52 weeks. 52 Daily Dialogue themes. Here is 2012 in review:

January 2-January 8: Snappy answers to dumb questions [Richard]
January 9-January 15: Card games [David Proenza]
January 16-January 22: Celebrating victory [Franklin Leonard]
January 23-January 29: Flashbacks [Alexander Gorelik]
January 30-February 5: Break-ups [Teddy Pasternak]
February 6-February 12: Death threats [Chris Schipper]
February 13-February 19: Meet-ups [Teddy Pasternak]
February 20-February 26: American Presidents [Phil]
February 27-March 4: Getting fired [Liz Swan]
March 5-March 11: Refusal of the Call [Ryan Smith]
March 12-March 18: Statement of theme [John Penny]
March 19-March 25: Apology [John Arends]
March 26-April 1: Snark [Gabe]
April 2-April 8: Facing death [@tiffanyleigh and @al_grinter]
April 9-April 15: Inspiration [Summer Johnson]
April 16-April 22: Marriage proposal [Teddy Pasternak]
April 23-April 29: Voice-over narration [Lloyd Morgan]
April 30-May 6: Revelation [Alexander Gorelik]
May 7-May 13: First date [churnage]
May 14-May 20: Non-verbal dialogue [Liz Swan]
May 21-May 27: Siblings [mommyfollows]
May 28-June 3: Lies [BillieJeanVK]
June 4-June 10: Pity party [Teddy Pasternak]
June 11-June 17: Originals and remakes [Saint716]
June 18-June 24: Bragging [churnage]
June 25-July 1: Herald’s Call [JasperLamarCrab]
July 2-July 8: Gallow’s humor [churnage]
July 9-July 15: Departure [MatchesMalone]
July 16-July 22: Side characters [Teddy Pasternak]
July 23-July 29: Famous last words [Vic Tional]
July 30-August 5: Subtext [Liz Swan]
August 6-August 12: Drug deals [Jonathan Webb]
August 13-August 19: Smooth talking [David Proenza]
August 20-August 26: Comic set piece [Shaula Evans]
August 27-September 2: Woody Allen [Sean Harris]
September 3-September 9: Riffs [churnage]
September 10-September 16: Phone call revelations [Debbie Moon]
September 17-September 23: Meet-Cute [robfrappier]
September 24-September 30: Acceptance speech [@TheBrokenCoco]
October 1-October 7: All is lost [Teddy Pasternak]
October 8-October 14: Anti-Hero / Villain Protagonist [Shaula Evans]
October 15-October 21: Tongue-tied [Annika Wood]
October 22-October 28: Sibling rivalry [Traci Nell Peterson]
October 29-November 4: Kevin Smith [Sean Harris]
November 5-November 11: Exposition [Dean Scott]
November 12-November 18: Teacher-Student [Teddy Pasternak]
November 19-November 25: Breaking the 4th Wall [Shaula Evans]
November 26-December 2: Giving birth [blknwite]
December 3-December 9: Confessions of love [Sabina Giado]
December 10-December 16: Delivering bad news [Steve Cook]
December 17-December 23: Negotiations [JasperLamarCrab]
December 24-December 30: Gift-giving [plinytheelder]

Interesting list, isn’t it? Quite a range of topics. Anything we can glean from it?

By the way, there have been 1,691 Daily Dialogue posts since the day this site launched. That means we hit 2,000 on November 5, 2013. Have to do something special that day!

Look forward to another year of Daily Dialogue! What themes would you like to see in 2013?

Thanks for all your help!

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5 thoughts on “Daily Dialogue: A Year In Review

  1. Shaula Evans says:

    Thanks for this great series. It’s such a great learning tool–and fun.

    I hope you’ll set aside a special theme for the week of November 5. Maybe something along the lines of birthdays, anniversaries, or milestones?

    “Coming out” (of the closet) is a theme I don’t think has come up, at least not in a while.

    “Announcing a pregnancy”

    “Breaking the news of a death” (which is a subset of “delivering bad news”, but a very particular subset)

    “Ordering a hit”

  2. churnage says:


    Thanks for your wisdom, insights and dedication to GITS.

    Happy 2013!


  3. sgneasbitt says:

    I’m thinking “conversations in tight places”… a la “Riding in Cars with Boys”… Drew Barrymore’s 2001 flick.

  4. sgneasbitt says:

    I’ll second the BIG THANKS to you, Scott, for your generosity all year.

  5. Meeting with the Mentor, one-scene characters

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