Daily Dialogue — December 4, 2012

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Ron: God, you are so beautiful.
Veronica: We really should be going. I swore that I would never get involved with a coworker.
Ron: Wait. What if, just for tonight, we weren’t coworkers? We were co-people?
Veronica: I don’t…
Ron: Shh. You be a woman. I’ll be a man. That’s all.
Veronica: Oh. You continue to surprise me, Mr. Burgundy.
Ron: Oh, I’m storming your castle on my steed, milady.
Veronica: Oh, mi corazón es en fuego! Julio, fuego, fuego, fuego!
Ron: Wait, stop. Stop talking like that. I can’t understand you.
Veronica: Sorry. Take me to Pleasure Town!
Ron: Oh, we’re going there!
Veronica: Oh!
Ron: I friggin’ love you!
Veronica: I friggin’ love you back!
Ron: Look! The most glorious rainbow ever!
Veronica: Oh, do me on it!

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), written by Will Ferrel and Adam McKay

The Daily Dialogue theme this week is confessions of love suggested by Sabina Giado. Today’s suggestion by David Proenza.

Trivia: The first draft of the screenplay included suggested actors for various roles:

Champ Kind: John C. Reilly
Brick Tamland: Chris Parnell
Brian Fantana: Ben Stiller
Ed Harken: Ed Harris
Garth Holiday: Dan Aykroyd
Frank Vitchard: Alec Baldwin

The script also specified another member of the news team, Marshall Connors, with William H. Macy suggested for the part.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Somehow “I friggin’ love you” just works better than “I love you,” right?

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