Daily Dialogue — December 5, 2012

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MOLINA: I’ve fallen in love with you. I’m sorry, Valentin. I wish it hadn’t happened.
VALENTIN: I understand, Molina, don’t be ashamed.

Both are silent. Valentin finally speaks with difficulty.

VALENTIN: Can I touch you?
MOLINA: If it doesn’t disgust you. (Pause) I’d like you to.

Valentin wraps his arm warmly around Molina’s shoulders.

MOLINA: Can I touch your scar?

Molina gently touches the scar near his eyebrow.

MOLINA: You’re so kind to me.
VALENTIN: No, you’re the one who’s kind.

Valentin stands and removes his shirt, then moistens his fingers and squeezes out the candle.

Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), screenplay by Leonard Schrader, novel by Manuel Puig

The Daily Dialogue theme this week is confessions of love suggested by Sabina Giado. Today’s suggestion by blknwite.

Trivia: During rehearsals, the two actors had trouble finding the chemistry they needed for their scenes together. To better understand what each needed from the other’s role, William Hurt suggested they try an experiment where they would switch roles, with Hurt as Valentin and Raul Julia as Molina. The role-switching rehearsal went so well that Hurt initially suggested to director Hector Babenco that they should switch parts for the film as well. Obviously, the switch did not occur, but Hurt states that it was a very useful experiment in helping them more fully understand their own characters.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from blknwite: “Molina, dropping his many masks, speaks with stark vulnerability.”

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