Daily Dialogue — December 8, 2012

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William runs, searching. At last finds the room, and enters.


Huge room — full of press. Row after row of journalists, cameras at the front, TV cameras at the back. Anna clearly gives press conferences very rarely, because this one is positively presidential. She sits at a table at the end of the room, beside Karen: on her other side is Jeremy, the PR boss, firmly marshaling the questions.

JEREMY: Yes… You — Dominic.
QUESTIONER 1: How much longer are you staying in the UK then?
ANNA: No time at all. I fly out tonight.

She’s in a slightly melancholic and therefore honest mood.

JEREMY: Which is why we have to round it up now. Final questions.

He points at a journalist he knows.

QUESTIONER 2: Is your decision to take a year off anything to do with the rumors about Jeff and his present leading lady?
ANNA: Absolutely not.
QUESTIONER 2: Do you believe the rumors?
ANNA: It’s really not my business any more. Though I will say, from my experience, that rumors about Jeff… do tend to be true.

They love that answer, and all scribble in their note books. Next question comes from someone straight right next to William.

QUESTIONER 3: Last time you were here, there were some fairly graphic photographs of you and a young English guy — so what happened there?
ANNA: He was just a friend — I think we’re still friends.
JEREMY: Yes, the gentleman in the pink shirt.

He is pointing straight at William, who has his hand up.

WILLIAM: Yes — Miss Scott — are there any circumstances in which you two might be more than just friends?

Anna sees who it is asking.

ANNA: I hoped there might be — but no, I’m assured there aren’t.
WILLIAM: And what would you say…
JEREMY: No, it’s just one question per person.
ANNA: No, let him… ask away. You were saying?
WILLIAM: Yes, I just wondered whether if it turned out that this… person…
OTHER JOURNALIST: (to William) His name is Thacker.
WILLIAM: Thanks. I just wondered if Mr. Thacker realized he’d been a daft prick and got
down on his knees and begged you to reconsider, whether you would… reconsider.

We cut to Max, Bella, Bernie and Honey, all watching. Then back to Anna.

ANNA: Yes, I’m pretty sure I would.
WILLIAM: That’s very good news. The readers of ‘Horse and Hound’ will be absolutely delighted.

Anna whispers something to Jeremy.

JEREMY: Dominic — if you’d like to ask your question again?
QUESTIONER 1: Yes — Anna — how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?

Pause. Anna looks up at William. He nods.

ANNA: Indefinitely.

They both smile — suddenly the press gets what’s going on – music — noise — they all turn and flash, flash, flash photos of William. Max and Bella kiss. Bernie kisses a total stranger. Spike finally makes it — he’s bright red from running.

Notting Hill (1999), written by Richard Curtis

The Daily Dialogue theme this week is confessions of love suggested by Sabina Giado. Today’s suggestion by Traci Nell Peterson.

Trivia: The house with the blue door where William lives is real; it once belonged to Notting Hill screenwriter Richard Curtis.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Traci: “As every woman knows, if a man refers to himself as a ‘daft prick,’ that’s true love. Classic to have Questioner 1 to re-ask his question allowing Anna to reveal her ‘I love you.’”

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