Go On Your Own Quest, Week 24: First Draft

December 30th, 2012 by

Several readers emailed me about aggregating the entire series of posts we have been running in association with the Go On Your Own Quest initiative.

Here is Week 24: First Draft.

“What have I learned about my characters?”

“What have I learned about my plot?”

“What have I learned from my dialogue?”

“What have I learned about my themes?”

“I did it!”

The Quest” has entered Week 24 — the last week! And so did Go On Your Own Quest, an opportunity for anyone to follow the structure of “The Quest” to dig into screenwriting theory [Core – 8 weeks], figure out your story [Prep – 6 weeks], and write a first draft [Pages – 10 weeks]. It’s a 24-week immersion in the screenwriting process and you can do it here – for free!

Today and every Monday through Friday for the last 10 weeks, I have used this slot to post something inspirational as GOYOQ participants pound out their first drafts.

For background on “Go Into The Story: The Quest,” go here and here.

For all the previous weeks of Go On Your Own Quest posts, go here. That is 120 posts — insight, information, inspiration.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in GOYOQ. You can continue your progress by joining the free GOYOQ Forums where the focus shifts to rewriting.

One thought on “Go On Your Own Quest, Week 24: First Draft

  1. Shaula Evans says:

    Where and how on earth do we say thank you, Scott, for GOYOQ, and GITS, and all the support you’ve given screenwriters in the past year?

    There are some great specs out there today that would never have been written without you. I hope you know that and I hope it makes you feel great.

    Thank you very much, and best wishes to you and yours for the new year!

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