Here’s one way to write a first draft

December 5th, 2012 by

I get emails…

Hi Scott,

My name’s Matthew Launder, I’m an aspiring screenwriter from Aurora, CO, and I love your co-op blog with the Blacklist; I think it’s a fantastic resource for writers, so thank you!

Before I was 21 (only 18 months ago), I recreationally decided to write a spec, sent it out, generated some heat, and procured representation and a number of powerful industry contacts. Through those contacts, I optioned a friend’s young adult book trilogy and sold it to Paramount. However, I’m still in the hunt for the ever-mindful goal of the big spec sale.

Last week, in an effort to separate myself from my “attachments” and other distractions, I deactivated my Facebook account and changed the passwords on it and my Twitter, as well. To keep myself from cheating, I made both passwords +30-character, unimaginable jumbles, and put them in an email, which I’ve enlisted an online service to send to me in the future (Christmas Day), so that I don’t have access to my social media and will be forced to knock out my next spec without distraction.


Matthew C. Launder

Now that is commitment.

What do you do to enforce your own writing regimen?

Good luck, Matt!

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8 thoughts on “Here’s one way to write a first draft

  1. euphoria says:

    That’s brilliant. Another is to download a program called FREEDOM. You set the amount of time you want freedom from the internet and for that time it’s unavailable unless you reboot your computer all over again.

    1. matthewlaunder says:

      Yes, really.

  2. scotty1time says:

    Wow. None of my interests outside of screenwriting make me feel over the hill at 29.

  3. I think it’s fantastic. Looks like this kid is really hustling.

    Keep it up!

  4. Lisa says:

    I write in cafes that don’t have wifi.

  5. Daniel Smith says:

    Here’s a great site to get some high-strength passwords to do the same:

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