If you are looking for writing workshops…

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If you desire to received informed feedback during your scriptwriting process…

If you need a structured environment to inspire you to get your script done…

If you want to work alongside a group of writers in a community atmosphere…

Some recommendations for writing workshops at Screenwriting Master Class, the unique online writing resource founded two years ago by Tom Benedek and myself.

What is a workshop? You and a group of fellow writers each work on your own stories, getting and giving weekly comments on your pages, along with extensive feedback from the workshop instructor. For many writers, it is precisely the type of environment they need to steer them through the arduous task of prepping, writing and/or rewriting a script.

Tom and I have run dozens of workshops including the Aspen Writers Conference, UCLA Extension’s Writers Studio and through SMC. Here are workshops we currently offer:

Prep: From Concept To Outline: Almost all professional screenwriters break their story in prep as this actually speeds along the scripting process. With this unique online workshop, you use 6 weekly lectures and writing assignments to take your story from concept to a comprehensive outline, giving you your best shot at a successful draft. The next session of the Prep workshop begins January 21, 2013 and will be led by Tom. Enrollment limit: 6 writers. Go here for more information.

Pages I: The First Draft: In this 10-week online workshop, you use a series of writing assignments to pound out pages and push you from FADE IN to FADE OUT. Forum comments, page notes, instructor analysis, live teleconferences give participants extensive and informed feedback. Pages I offers a structured, supportive environment in which to get your ‘muscle’ draft done. The next session begins January 14, 2013 led by me. Enrollment limit: 6 writers. Go here for more information.

Pages II: Rewriting Your Script: In Hollywood, writing is rewriting. Pages II provides a proven approach you can use as the foundation for all future rewrites. In this 10-week online workshop, you will identify problems in your existing draft, work out solutions, and rewrite your script toward its final draft, all with feedback and page notes from your fellow writers and the workshop instructor. For more information on this workshop, go here.

TV: Pilot Creation Workshop: An original half-hour or one-hour pilot script (or a half-hour script) can be a great calling card for a screenwriter to open many doors in TV and in features. In this 10-week online workshop led by Tom, participants learn how to build out a series and write an actual full-length pilot. For more information, go here.

Some thoughts about the online format. I have been teaching screenwriting online in my spare time since 2002 and I can say unequivocally it is the best way available to learn the craft. Advantages:

* You do almost everything on your own time. Download and read lectures, write and upload assignments, post comments, all whenever you want.

* You get written lectures. Instead of a live class setting where you have to scribble down notes, in an online class you get to read extensive, thoughtful and well-written lectures.

* You receive written feedback. As opposed to observations in a live class setting which can come off the top of someone’s head, participants really think about pages in order to type up comments.

* The live teleconferences can be amazing. They are a chance not only to work through story issues, but also share the ups and downs of the writing process.

* The virtual community is a real one. I am constantly amazed at how tight knit online class communities can become. There are writers from some of my earliest classes a decade ago who still stay in touch with each other.

* You can participate from anywhere in the world. I have worked with writers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rico, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, German, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, and others.

* The online class experience is easy. You do not have to be a technological wiz to participate, it’s pretty much as simple as using a search engine.

For a list of courses and workshops through February 2013, go here.

I will be featuring Screenwriting Master Class classes each day this week. Schedule:

Monday: If you are a beginning screenwriter…

Tuesday: If you are an intermediate screenwriter…

Wednesday: If you are an advanced screenwriter…

Thursday: If you are looking for writing workshops…

Friday: If you want to learn a comprehensive approach to screenwriting…

I truly believe in what we do at SMC, not only because of the ideas we teach, but also because Tom and I are hands-on mentors, providing extensive interaction and feedback to each participating writer, everything from teleconferences to online forum feedback, written notes to individual consults.

We also love what we do.

Tom and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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