“In the end something has changed”

December 13th, 2012 by

“In the end something has changed. If nothing has changed, it isn’t a story.”

Author Malcolm Cowley’s observation rings true. And something to bear in mind from micro to macro, scene to story.

In a story, things happen. Characters are forced to respond to those events. Invariably this creates a shift in perspective on their part. In turn that alters how they respond. In so doing, they make something else happen. And the endless loop of cause and effect continues, one scene to the next, one plot point to the next.

At each point, change. We add up all of those incremental changes, by the end of the story we have a big change, what we can call metamorphosis.

So as you pound out your first draft, always keep an eye on change. Who is changing? How are they changing? Is change happening? Why is it happening?


“In the end something has changed.”

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