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A special end-of-year Saturday Hot Links!

The 2012 List! Lists! Lists! Edition!

Why 2012 was the best year ever.

The 10 best board games of 2012.

Roger Ebert’s top 10 films in 2012.

The 11 most fascinating scientific discoveries in 2012.

An aggregation of top 10 films lists in 2012.

Best fitness apps of 2012.

Tops and flops of 2012 box office — lesson learned.

Home entertainment software spending continues to rise in 2012.

Flavorwire: The 25 best movies of 2012.

The 9 most hilarious New York Time’s corrections in 2012.

Russian box office in 2012: $1.3B.

Top 10 Mac apps of 2012.

The top 20 movie scenes in 2012.

The top 10 brain science and psychology stories in 2012.

16 sci-fi and supernatural scripts on the Black List 2012.

The 7 best inventions of 2012.

2012: A year in movie mistakes.

Top Wikipedia articles in 2012.

Rotten Tomatoes: Breakout stars of 2012.

The best memes of 2012.

The 30 best movie posters of 2012.

The best astronomy images of 2012.

20 top grossing movies of 2012.

The best web articles of 2012.

20 best filmmaker quotes from 2012.

Online ad spending in 2012: $9.26B.

10 great 2012 movies you can watch right now.

The best infographics of 2012.

The best Hollywood-related books of 2012.

The most Instagrammed places of 2012.

The best movies you may have missed in 2012.

Favorite book cover designs of 2012.

The 12 best short films of 2012.

The worst Twitter fails of 2012.

IMDB: In memoriam 2012.

Tech trends in 2012.

The worst movies of 2012 review themselves .

Top science longreads of 2012.

THR: Top 10 stories of 2012.

Flavorwire: 2012’s sexiest scenes.

Best New York theater 2012.

Bollywood 2012: Nine blockbusters.

2012: The year pay TV fought off the future [i.e., Silicon Valley].

The best red carpet looks of 2012.

Atlantic: Which of 2012’s most promising films delivered.

2012: The year in graphs.

The most unusual movies of 2012.

Watch the best TV news bloopers of 2012 .

America’s 9 craziest lawsuits.

2012’s biggest movie controversies.

Hollywood’s most gripping legal dramas of 2012.

The most underappreciated movies of 2012.

Best comic books of 2012.

The 25 best movie performances of 2012.

The top 10 New Yorker stories of 2012.

Hollywood’s notable deaths of 2012.

L.A.’s top arts and cultural stories in 2012.

Forbes’ top-grossing actors of 2012.

The 17 most memorable tweets of 2012.

The top 10 Saturday Night Live sketches in 2012.

Ted Hope: The really good things about the indie film business in 2012.

27 science fictions that became science facts in 2012.

The 11 best movie characters of 2012.

26 moments in 2012 that restored our faith in humanity.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week: Have a creative, prolific and productive 2013!

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