Daily Dialogue — January 28, 2013

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Charlie: I don’t know how to adapt this. I mean, I should’ve stuck with my own stuff. I don’t know why I thought I could write this.

(Marty spots a co-worker)

Marty: See her? I fucked her up the ass. (laughs) No, I’m kidding. Umm… Maybe I can help?
Charlie: It’s about flowers.
Marty: Okay. But it’s not only about flowers, right? You have the crazy plant nut guy, right? He’s funny! Right?

(Charlie grabs a New York Times)

Charlie (reading): “There’s not nearly enough of him to fill a book, so Orlean digress in long passages,” blah blah blah… “No narrative really unites these passages.” New York Times Book Review. I can’t structure this. It’s that sprawling New Yorker shit.
Marty (seeing another co-worker): Oh man, I’d fuck her up the ass.

Adaptation (2002), screenplay by Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman, book by Susan Orlean

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is agents, suggested by Teddy Pasternak. Today’s suggestion by rgiamatteo.

Trivia: The credits include Donald Kaufman as the co-writer. He is also featured as a character in the movie, and the movie is dedicated “In loving memory” of Donald (at the end of the credits). But Donald is just a fictional character himself.

Dialogue On Dialogue: For those who followed the exploits of a recent CAA party at the Sundance Film Festival, you shouldn’t be surprised at an agent acting like the one in Adaptation.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Dialogue — January 28, 2013

  1. pgronk says:

    For outsiders, normal people not involved or obsessed in the biz, the agent’s reaction to seeing the co-worker is disgusting. But I suppose for insiders, it’s an authentic beat. Whatever.

    I found the the most interesting part of the dialogue exchange to be Kaufman’s ironic reversal . On page 5 he praises the book as “great, sprawling New Yorker stuff, and I’d want to remain true to that..” and 45 pages later he’s lamenting ” I can’t structure this. It’s that sprawling New Yorker shit.”

    1. Scott says:

      Very good catch, pgronk. What a great callback that demonstrates in two lines clearly the level of deconstruction going on with Charlie’s character.

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