Daily Dialogue — January 8, 2013

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The back room is empty.

Doug enters, comes to the center of the room. He sees a SMALL DOOR, slightly open, lifts his gun.

DOUG: (calling out) Fergie, come on out.

The door opens and Fergie comes through in his sweatpants, holding a BOSTON HERALD in one hand and a .45 in the other he stands seven or eight feet from Doug.

FERGIE: Prick.

They start SHOOTING at one another.

Rather than sexing it up– the feel should be of watching people shoot one another on surveillance video: wide, detached and oddly pedestrian.

Doug has the clear advantage of a VEST and after five or six shots Fergie BUCKLES and DROPS to the floor abruptly.

Doug walks over to him, unsteady, now realizing he has been hit once or twice himself. He replaces his empty clip with a new one, chambering a round.

He kneels next to Fergie who lies on the floor (now we see blood coming from Doug’s neck) and puts his gun in the florist’s CROTCH.

DOUG: Fergie, remember who clipped your nuts for you-


The Town (2010), screenplay by Peter Craig and Ben Affleck & Aaron Stockard, novel by Chuck Hogan

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is gangster deaths, suggested by Phil Hopersberger. Today’s suggestion by David Proenza.

Trivia: The original cut that Ben Affleck screened for producers was 4 hours long. After realizing that the film would never appeal to wide audiences, he cut the film down to 2 hours and 50 minutes in three days. After screening that version, the studio and producers loved it but knew that it was still too long. Affleck and producer Basil Iwanyk eventually had to cut beloved footage and personal favorite scenes to make the film work. The film then went through more change at a studio standpoint when they wanted the film at no more than 2hours and 10 minutes. Eventually, Affleck cut the film down to 2 hours and 8 minutes, ultimately trimming action sequences, character development and dialog. Affleck, while happy with the theatrical cut, stated that an Extended Cut will be featured on the DVD and BluRay with deleted scenes on top of that. He also stated that, while the theatrical cut of The Town is a close adaptation of ‘Prince of Thieves’ (the novel which it is based on), the extended cut is a mirror of the novel, staying more true to the book.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Sometimes gangster deaths involve revenge, providing an additional layer of emotional depth to the scene.

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  1. Steven Enloe says:

    “Sometimes gangster deaths involve revenge, providing an additional layer of emotional depth to the scene.”

    This is why you’ve always got to keep your eyes open on GITS. Almost slipped by me.

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