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Tom Benedek is a long-time screenwriter who has worked on 40+ film and TV projects, including his screenplay Cocoon. He has worked with such Hollywood luminaries as Robert Zemeckis, Ron Howard, Martin Scorcese, Sydney Pollack, and Harold Ramis. He is also a friend, colleague and co-founder of Screenwriting Master Class. So when he offers a new class, I pay attention – and you should as well. Here is a note from Tom:

I received a wonderful compliment this past weekend.  I had coffee with a former student, Max Taxe. Max has a script on the 2012 Black List (Goodbye, Felix Chester). He wrote his first script with me in a screenwriting class I taught at USC during his second year there  as a screenwriting major. Max told me that he and his classmates were “way ahead of the game” compared to other students in their program after taking my class.  Even though I am a skeptic when it comes to schools using successful alum as poster children, I will take satisfaction from his praise.  Thank you, Max!

In that spirit, I am excited to be offering a new course at Screenwriting Master Class: Introduction to Screenwriting. It is a curriculum I have been evolving for a decade – since I started with it at UCLA Extension and found out I really loved to teach. Since then I have taught the class at USC School of Cinematic Arts, Cal State Fullerton, the University of Massachusetts and now at SMC.

The class now encompasses a number of principles which I have absorbed from Scott’s theories about screenplays — along with one constant which I have always adhered to: I use a specific set of films and their shooting scripts to explain how movies are built in script form.

Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will work on their loglines, story outlines and start writing script pages as we read and discuss The Social Network, Unforgiven, Little Miss Sunshine, American Beauty,  Gladiator, The Departed, Michael Clayton, You Can Count On Me and Amelie.

It’s a great class to use to get a solid foundation in screenwriting, review fundamentals, craft essentials or start your next script, even finish a first draft.

Who knows? Maybe you will end up like Max Taxe — with a script on the Black List!

Nail the essentials as you build out a script from outline to pages in my new Screenwriting Master Class course Introduction to Screenwriting.

Tom is a terrific teacher and one of the most knowledgeable writers around. The inaugural session of Introduction to Screenwriting begins next Monday, January 28. You can find out more and enroll here.

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  1. taxe says:

    Well, this was a pleasant thing to come across. I meant every word! Definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the fundamentals I learned from Tom Benedek.

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