Movies You Are Making: “The Tiger Hunter”

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I present to you a Kickstarter movie project definitely worth your consideration: “The Tiger Hunter” from writer-director Lena Khan. Here is Lena in her own words talking about the project:

My name is Lena Khan, and for the past 8 years, I’ve devoted my life toward making this movie. I went to film school, worked at studios, directed my own work for a living while writing a script, garnered interest from major actors and distributors, then raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors who believe in my project. And now, I turn to you.

I’m making this film because it’s a story I really want to show you, a crazy hodge-podge of inspirations, molded into a comically fictional but authentic script. I kind of feel like how I imagine Sylvestor Stallone or Nia Vardalos did before writing Rocky or My Big Fat Greek Wedding—I have a movie I really want to make because it’s fresh and different, and one that only I could truly tell.

We are making a mainstream, but unique, film, and your support is extremely valuable. To recognize that, we’ve developed an incentive program to show you exactly how your pledge will be used. You are the last step in launching this film into production, and also my career! I want you to see the valuable role you’re playing. Thank you.

I consulted on the script with Lena and I can tell you, she is a bright, talented young filmmaker who loves movies. Moreover the story is a wonderfully human comedy, precisely the type of indie film I support: great characters, strong story, unique subculture, interesting ideas.

Here is a video Lena put together to show you how thoroughly she has gone about the movie’s development and pre-production process:

I do not do this type of thing often and if memory serves me, other than retweets, I have never posted a Kickstarter project in this way on GITS. But as I’m all about seeing good movies get produced, “The Tiger Hunter” is well worth this post, especially since I am so familiar with Lena and her script.

Please consider chipping in to support Lena in her efforts to get this delightful movie made. You may do so by going here.

Lena’s Facebook page

Lena Makes A Movie

Lena Khan

Thanks for your consideration. And Lena, good luck with your movie!

4 thoughts on “Movies You Are Making: “The Tiger Hunter”

  1. TheQuietAct says:

    Great vid.
    Really endearing at the end.
    I hope all the pieces fall into place for you, looks like you’re nearly there. :-)

    1. Lena Khan says:

      Thank you! That means a lot!

  2. Erica R Maier says:

    This is really impressive. Best of luck to you, Lena!

  3. Lena Khan says:

    Thank you very much! our campaign ends today, so I appreciate the support!

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