Pimp Your Project!

January 25th, 2013 by

If you’re working on a script…

Or have a Kickstarter project…

Or made a movie…

Or have a blog about writing you want me link to on GITS…

Or anything else you feel might be of interest or value to the GITS community…

Feel free to post in comments.

Plus to send us all off to a great weekend, here is some creative juju for everyone!

Go! Write! Do! Create!

47 thoughts on “Pimp Your Project!

  1. Lena Khan says:

    Well who can pass up that opportunity? Scott’s already helped me get the word out a bit (he helped me write the script!), but please take a look at my Kickstarter to get the final funding for my film, The Tiger Hunter: http://kck.st/13tcFx8

    The rest of the money came from investors, but this is part of the last piece to make it happen!

    And, if you are a filmmaker and not just a screenwriter, I have tips for getting an indie project off the ground and for filmmakers in general at my blog: http://lenamakesamovie.tumblr.com

    1. TheQuietAct says:

      Lena, chuckling @

      Temporary Model. Bigger Actor Coming Soon.

    2. Scott says:

      Lena, I’m going to do a GITS post about your project, that’s how strongly I feel about your script, the way you’ve handled development and pre-production, and yourself as a filmmaker. I assume you won’t mind!

  2. TheQuietAct says:

    Cheers Lena.

    @ Scott. Cheers for the juju!

  3. Thanks Scott!

    I’m documenting my web series production with all the script versions, video, blog, podcasts, spreecasts, etc.

    Check it out if you want to follow along with the making of a web series.

  4. Thanks Scott!

    I’m documenting my web series production with all the script versions, video, blog, podcasts, spreecasts, etc.

    Check it out if you want to follow along with the making of a web series.



    1. Scott says:

      Steve, I believe you tweeted this, and I meant to RT, but forgot. I’ll go try to find that tweet again and RT it, but if not, please tweet me on Monday, which seems to be the busiest day traffic-wise on the blog and on Twitter, and I’ll be happy to push your project.

  5. SabinaGiado says:


    I’m writing a wee little blog about my trials and tribulation, personal and as a screenwriter.

    I’m also rewriting the feature I wrote during The Quest called Mr. Wonderful.

    If anyone of you guys are on Stage 32, please add me:

    I’m a huge fan of Lena Khan – my bestest bestest bestest wishes with her! Go sister go!


    1. Scott says:

      Sabina, have I added your blog to the Friends list? I can’t remember. If not, let me know and I’ll be happy to do that. Good luck with the rewrite!

      1. SabinaGiado says:

        Just checked the Friends list, can’t see anything that could be my blog there.

        I’d love it if you could add me. Thank you and God bless!

        1. SabinaGiado says:

          Also I’m trying to get my shorts produced (details on my Stage 32 site). Have two producers interested in them already!

          Would love some creative juju to birth those babies.

          1. SabinaGiado says:

            Oh heck since I’ve pimped everything else I might as well tell you what I plan to do, though I have nothing to show for it yet.

            1. A comedy vlog series – have a concept, don’t have a script yet. You can see my comedy stylings here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po2KccsQwG4&list=UU77nNWzIa5mWIgOShMUU97g&index=9 Forgive the bad quality.

            2. I’m writing a sci-fi novel. Until it’s ready to show people, I’m going to keep it on the DL, but it deals with a complete disturbance of the body politic :-)

  6. My first screenplay, Something Gray, advanced to the top 10% in The Page International Awards (out of 6,000 entries), the top 15% in The Nicholl Fellowship (out of 7,200 entries), and is currently in the semi-finals in the Kairos!


    And to pimp Scott and Tom…could not have gotten that far without their keen insights in several of their classes!

    1. Scott says:

      Congratulations, Phil! Fingers crossed for you.

  7. Yay! More good karma points for Scott and GITS. Who could resist? Here’s my top of pile rundown:
    Blog/writer’s site: http://1st10pages.com
    Kickstarter (already funded and in post, but be on the lookout) for Documentary on Huey Long Assassination entitled 61 BULLETS, from CRAWFORD director David Modgliani http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2014855373/61-bullets
    A reality pilot in development (under wraps)
    and lastly, a YA illustrated novel is going off to editor next week! WICKED MASTER.
    Why so much all at once? Because once spring hits I read for 6 months straight for 3 competitions.

    1. Scott says:

      Wow, Laurie, and I thought I was busy! Would you like me to add your 1st10pages site to the GITS Friends list? Happy to do so. And when your doc is ready, let me know, and I’ll be happy to promote here and on Twitter.

      1. Hi Scott –
        That would be terrific!


  8. CarlyBryannYoung says:

    Wow – first of all, congratulations to all the talented people on this thread who are busy doing cool stuff!

    I’m producing two original stageplays that I wrote, ‘Away from the Sun’ and ‘King of Trinidad’, which you can read on my website:


    I directed a stage reading of ‘King of Trinidad’ last November. It placed in the Top 20 of the 2007 Young National Playwrights Competition in New York.

    I’m in pre-production on an original action-adventure/fantasy webseries that I wrote and will be directing, called ‘Changelings’. The first season of scripts is on the same website. I also have a YA novelization on Wattpad, with a new chapter posted every week. Please read and enjoy!


    If you have the time, sign up for an account on Wattpad (kinda like a Youtube for books) and click the ‘vote’ button – it will help the story rise in the rankings in preparation for the next Watty Awards, and help other readers find it!


    Carly Bryann Young

    1. Scott says:

      Carly, congratulations! Keep me posted on the webseries, as that’s something I could plug that could generate eyeballs to you directly.

      1. CarlyBryannYoung says:

        Thank you Scott! That’s very generous, and I hope to take you up on it very soon!

        I’ve been working on this project for 2 years (since I was 19), and I was very close to rolling the cameras on the production (had SAG/AFTRA actors cast, props, costumes, etc), but it was becoming costly in LA due to film permits and paying for locations.

        However, I just recently moved to the Oregon coast – which I’ve discovered to be an even more ideal setting for the webseries!

        Will definitely keep you posted on the progress!

  9. PS For you insomniacs…

    you can read the first pages of Something Gray at http://www.TotallyWriteousCopy.com under SAMPLES.


  10. TedEHaynes says:

    I am hosting a short script contest in conjunction with Staten Strong. All proceeds go directly to families impacted by Superstorm Sandy.

    Celebrity judges will choose one script to be produced with Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi as a lead.


    1. Scott says:

      Ted, this sounds like a super worthy cause. Could you email me with more details?

  11. John Geraci says:

    A free chance to toot my own horn? Oh, yeah.

    I wrote this action/thriller SIG as part of the “Go On Your Own Quest” ride and submitted it to the Black List 3.0 and had it read by one of their pros.

    SIG got a 9/10 rating and is the 3rd most uploaded script and number 10 on their top “Unmade Scripts” list. Whew!

    And I had four lit mgrs contact me and signed with Sean Mikael. Unbelievable. No agents have called drooling to sign me or any starlets begging for the part, but hey, it’s only been on the site for a month. Hang in there. If it happened to me, it can happen to you.

    1. Scott says:

      There you go, John. Another example of the spirit of the spec at work! Time to write that NEXT script, right?

  12. Had a lot of false starts this year and the recent logline contest along with the classes I’ve been taking with Scott & Tom were a real eye-opener for me in terms of understanding what a pro level piece of work should look like and why in actuality what I’ve been writing up to now sucks.

    Consequently, my “Castle meets Dan Brown” TV Pilot, “Rose Cross”, which semi’ed in the CWA and was a finalist in this fall’s Acclaim TV contest is now undergoing a massive and much needed rewrite. Nearly done there.

    Also rewriting another TV pilot: “Choices We Make”, a semi-procedural “Theological” mystery thriller.

    Shelved almost all of my feature scripts because they aren’t as original or as new writer friendly as I’d thought. So, I’m now working on a piece called “The Best Mexican Joint in the Whole Damn Galaxy”.

  13. CStein says:

    Good luck to everyone this year!

    I finished a set of rewrites on my horror / comedy script and posted it up on the Black List 3.0. If you’re tired of exorcisms, haunted houses, zombies, found footage and sparkling vampires… you might want to check this out. The info is below if anyone’s interested! Enjoy!

    Wicked Garden
    Logline: A troubled teen inadvertently unleashes an evil garden gnome and now must stop it before it kills everyone he loves. In the vein of “Child’s Play” and “Gremlins”.

    1. CStein says:

      Update: Just received my review and got a 9 :)

      The thread’s mojo is already working!

      1. TheQuietAct says:

        Congrats CStein.

        I bet you’re grinning ear to ear!

  14. Thanks for the pimpage opportunity. I like nothing better than to flash my whorish wares on the internet street corner and get people interested for a walk on the wild side. 😉

    To that end, I have just published a graphic novel by Chris Ecker, Gary Carlson with art by Ben Torres called KNIGHT WATCHMAN: GRAVEYARD SHIFT. This collects the Image comics mini-series from the 1990’s and fits in well with our Pulp 2.0 family of books.

    You can pre-order it here: http://pulp2ohpress.com/pulp/knight-watchman-graveyard-shift/

    The 1st 100 pre-orders gets a sketch by Knight Watchman creator Chris Ecker.


    I am also coming out with a book of short stories by screenwriter Michael Patrick Sullivan called THE AUSLANDER FILES.

    WORLD WAR II: The United States is geared up for the war in Europe, unaware that a secret plan designed and overseen by Germany’s top covert agent will soon launch death and destruction across the entire country. When the plan’s mastermind awakens in a stateside motel room, he finds himself mysteriously robbed of his memories… and his allegiance to the Führer.

    Racing against the clock, the spy who now calls himself The Auslander must piece together his own vast conspiracy, and fight the entire German spy network that he created – who are bent on killing him at all costs. This Pulp 2.0 collection of The Auslander’s adventures features two-fisted World War II thrillers in the pulse-pounding tradition of Ken Follett and Alistair MacLean.

    You can see the cover I designed for it on our Pulp 2.0 Facebook page:


    Thanks, everyone – I hope you’ll consider adding these books to your pulp library. In both cases I designed the covers and interiors of the books, making them as pulpy delicious as possible.

  15. But but but … the Kickstarter for my Steampunk webseries doesn’t start until next week. Damn.

    Passion, betrayal and death between a girl, her scientist father and a soldier in an eight-part Steampunk webseries. Adult themes.

    Equivalent to a one hour drama/thriller TV single. 100% CGI backlot (like Sin City and Sky Captain).

    If you want to know when the campaign is launched just leave a comment here (thanks Scott).

    1. TheQuietAct says:

      Hi Steve, I’m pulling all these links to the forum under PIMP MY PROJECT. If you add your kickstarter link to the thread once you have it, you’ll pop up in newest comments and all forum members can have a goo.
      Good luck with it.

        1. The Kickstarter campaign for our dark steampunk webseries THE LAZARUS MACHINE can be found via http://theLazarusMachine.com

          We have a big target, but also unique rewards any direct assistance, or through spreading the word really appreciated.

          I’m so excited, in a totally un-British way.

  16. While I start working again on the script based on the soon to be published Italian poetic-pulp graphic novel “I PesciCani (The Dogfishes)”, my old screenplay Da Tenebre is on the Black List website waiting for some more ratings, so I would like to pimp that:

  17. kim_garland says:

    You can rent or buy my award-winning short film, “Vivienne Again,” at: http://www.VivienneAgain.com

    It’s an an 11-minute supernatural thriller I wrote and directed about a funeral home employee who saves a dead woman from the killer who’s closing in to complete the job.

    Thanks, everyone! Especially Scott!

  18. Happy Saturday, scribes! A few things I’m pimping:

    1. I have a comedic blog series about my (and others) true misadventures in dating, “All Sunny Everything.” Come laugh at my pain at http://www.allsunnyeverything.wordpress.com

    2. I submitted a logline to 2012’s The Quest based off of my husband’s latest novel, “The Anarchists” – the e-book’s here at http://www.amazon.com/The-Anarchists-ebook/dp/B007IUJJFM

    And, now, A QUESTION!
    3. We’re thinking of making a short film for Brian’s latest, a YA science fiction series called “Reject High.” Only problem is we’ve never made a short film – #writerproblems.
    Any advice on finding a crew to make a low budget short film?

    Thanks, all!

    1. SabinaGiado says:

      Hi Ms. Writer Chick!

      I highly recommend Stage32 for networking with people with credentials.

      Craiglist apparently has paid dividends so I’ve heard on the Internets.

      1. TheQuietAct says:

        Hi MsWriterChick and Sabina,

        I hope you don’t mind me taking your discussion and posting it as a topic in the forum. It’s a great question that we all pose when we bite the bullet.


  19. Thanks Scott!

    My name is Praveen. I am a recent film school graduate and I am planning to enter my thesis short film into Cannes.

    The title is ‘College Sex Video”. It’s a grim comedy about a young couple and the internet. We are raising money to buy music rights in order to enter it into Cannes and we need help. Check out the Kickstarter trailer and the film’s Facebook page to learn more about the project and donate if you’re diggin’ what we’re doing!


    Thank you all!

  20. seanlangton007 says:

    Hi, my name is Sean Langton I’m a independent producer from Wales, UK. I produced two shorts last year and early this year I bought the rights to a book to adapt to film called ‘Cowboys Can Fly’ by Ken Smith this will be my first feature. Along with this I have been working on another feature project about the rise of homophobic bullying in schools called Broken Boys.
    Please go and check it all out here…

  21. Pj McIlvaine says:

    Am finishing a horror short for my good pal director Scott Perry to include in his acclaimed IN FEAR of webseries about phobias. Scott is also doing pre-prod in what he plans to be his first feature, our co-written supernatural horror OPEN WOUNDS. And while that’s happening, working with a graphic artist to bring my CAPTAIN CAREW’S COLOSSAL INTERGALACTIC ALIEN ZOO to life while writing a drama and various other projects and querying, querying, querying.

  22. TheQuietAct says:

    Guys, I’ve posted all your links in the forums under


    Please feel free to come over and have a chat about them. :-)

  23. To Sabina & TheQuietAct, thank you for the feedback – very helpful! : )

  24. Milky Joe says:

    Hi Scott,

    After 10-years as a writer I recently took up the mantle of director and made a short film of a great little 2-page script written by Kulvinder Gill. The film was made to enter into a comp where a number of shorts would be put together to make a feature. So I thought this was a great opportunity to jump in and test out as director. To cut a longish story short (excuse the pun) this no budget film ended up with a theatrical release and was screened as support film to ARGO in cinemas in Ireland.

    There are two cuts of the film: one 5-mins for the comp called 50 Kisses and the theatrical cut. There are also three trailers.

    More info about me and the shorter cut of the film and trailers can be viewed here:


  25. I’m most of the way through writing a contained horror script. I had a really creepy idea, bounced it off a few fellow writers who were equally creeped out by the story, and decided to go for it.

    It can be shot on most any budget, so I’m hopeful that Indie filmmakers will be interested. It’s written for a strong female lead, 25-30ish.

    I’d love to hear from any Producers or Directors who want to read it when it’s ready (probably mid-February). I can be contacted at karenhemmerle@gmail.com


  26. April Austin says:

    Thanks Scott!

    I have a blog about my writing journey and it’s about the different projects I’m working on as well.


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