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January 12th, 2013 by

Time once again for Saturday Hot Links!

Today: The Frederico Fellini Documentary Edition!

Complete list of 2013 Oscar nominations.

2013 Oscar nominations by studio.

2013 Oscar nominations by the numbers.

The 10 biggest surprises in the 2013 Oscar nominations.

LAT: Oscar nomination snubs.

THR Oscar analysis: Sure Things, Close Calls, and Wild Cards.

Infographic: 2013 Oscar nominations quantified in awards breakdown.

Indiewire talks with 13 Oscar nominees.

White House official response to petition for U.S. to build a Death Star.

How fast could you travel across the United States in 1800.

June 2014: Jurassic Park 4.

First ever video of deep sea squid having sex.

‘American Psycho’ improved with Pokémon .

Best table tennis shots of 2012 .

Grauman’s Chinese Theater changing its name.

11 obscure references in classic songs explained.

50 greatest move title-drops.

11 fun facts about hockey pucks.

Pay TV shrinking for the first time ever.

William S. Burroughs reading “Naked Lunch” .

Lena Dunham on the second season of “Girls”.

The best of Kickstarter 2012.

The bright young things of YouTube [new media empire in the making].

11 patron saints for modern day calamities.

How to do a film festival Q&A.

11 common words you’re probably mispronouncing.

Sundance Film Festival expanding to Brooklyn?

11 colorful phrases from ancient Roman graffiti.

Details emerge about Joss Whedon TV series “S.H.I.E.L.D.”

7 Lotto winners who lost it all.

Life of Pi becomes highest grossing 2012 movie in India.

5 Good Samaritans who will restore your faith in humanity.

Al Gore’s profit from sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera: $100M.

Is this the most amazing library in the world?

New Jimi Hendrix music to debut on “Hawaii Five-O”.

Male jurors more likely to find fat women guilty.

ABC considering 50 scripts for live-action “Star Wars.”

8 year-old boy helps end man’s 60 year search for his sister.

Amazing graph of movies [HT2 @NateWinslow].

Wanted: Astronauts for one-way trip to Mars.

The most bizarre celebrity PSAs of all time.

900 pound asteroid flew by Earth on Wednesday.

Funny Or Die reveals movie slate.

10 works of literary fantasy to jump start your imagination.

THR: How Scientology trapped John Travolta.

THR: How Scientology seduced Tom Cruise.

David Sedaris reads “50 Shades of Grey” .

10 musical documentaries you need to see in 2013.

Debit ceiling fight: Whose face should be on the $1 trillion coin?

Home video revenues stopped falling last year.

7 bizarre objects used in jailhouse smuggling schemes.

Spielberg reveals Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln rejection letter.

Does alcohol really keep you warm when it’s cold out?

Why do we enjoy on-screen violence?

Wanted: A dollhouse built inside an acoustic guitar.

David Bowie has a new album out.

Meditative movies that will help you find yourself.

4 times trash collectors saved the day.

Puppy Bowl is back… now with hedgehogs.

The top 5 people rappers reference.

Harvard Business Review: How to allocate your time and your effort.

BoxOfficeMojo: Final 2012 box office results.

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