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Time for another installment of Saturday Hot Links!

Today: The John Belushi Birthday Tribute Edition.

It’s official! This dude is directing Star Wars: Episode VII — Not Star Trek.

Vulture: What we can expect from a J.J. Abrams Star Wars.

Meanwhile weird differences between the first Star Wars movie and its novelization.

Give away your money and feel happier!

TV Pilots 2013: A complete guide.

How are shrunken heads made?

My favorite Billy Wilder photo ever!

How many words do Eskimos really have for snow?

Manohla Dargis with her Sundance 2013 review.

50 essential science fiction books.

Will China buy a Hollywood movie studio? What is Mandarin for “yes”?

How wolves evolved into dogs.

TotalFilm: 50 worst comedy movies.

Lawsuit claims SyFy’s “Face Off” TV series stolen from pitch meeting.

Why are German soldiers growing breasts?

Hollywood’s top 25 power lunch spots.

How to make a young child smarter.

See the Lebowski high school yearbook.

That Gangnam Style video? It’s generated $8M.

Will 7 of Oscar’s 9 Best Film nominees hit $100M in box office?

Good news, Lena Dunham fans. “Girls” is back for Season 3.

Why is a doctor called a quack.

Andy Warhol told Kathryn Bigelow to get into movies.

7 heroic teens and their incredible acts of bravery.

“Game of Thrones” villain reads “Fifty Shades of Grey” .

26 Beatnik slang words and phrases we should all start using.

Frank Darabont comments on his Godzilla script.

17 vowel free words.

Australian box office tops $1.07B in 2012.

12 absolutely wonderful moments in lip-synching.

12 Filmmakers’ musings on New York City.

20 recyclable objects that might surprise you.

See 63 celebrities high school yearbook photos.

What’s the difference between a boat and a ship.

5 classic movie moments that weren’t in the script.

6 cautionary tales that terrified kids of yesteryear.

CAA not sorry about strap-on penis and simulated sex act at Sundance party.

10 curious facts about second presidential inaugurations.

The Django Unchained-Pulp Fiction connection.

“Milking” is the latest online stupidity.

Why Germany could set another B.O. record this year.

6 things prose writers can learn from television.

Mathematical model predicts whether a movie will be a “hit”.

“MA’AM”: Men Against Assholes & Misogyny.

12 early short films by famous Hollywood directors.

Cat meets snow… can’t believe it .

The original storyboards from Blade Runner [HT to Shaula Evans].

Finally, you want to hear John McClane’s trademark “yippee ki-yay mofo” in foreign languages? Go here.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week: Hey, Tom and I just posted our schedule of classes into March. Here they are!

January 28: Introduction to Screenwriting (Tom Benedek)

January 28: Craft: Pixar and the Craft of Storytelling (Scott Myers)

February 4: TV: How to Write a One-Hour Spec Pilot (Tom Benedek)

February 11: Craft: Handling Exposition (Scott Myers)

February 18: Pages II: Rewriting Your Script (Tom Benedek)

February 25: Craft: Character Development Keys (Scott Myers)

March 4: Network Hollywood (Tom Benedek)

March 11: Prep (Scott Myers)

Between us, Tom and I have over 50 years of experience as Hollywood writers, 60 paid writing projects with every major Hollywood studio and broadcast TV network, and 20 years of teaching the craft to hundreds of writers.

Check it all out here.

As always, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Links

  1. Frank Darabont’s comment on the Godzilla Script links to the Beatnik slang words and phrases page.

  2. Shaula Evans says:

    > Will China buy a Hollywood movie studio? What is Mandarin for “yes”?

    Any thoughts on what this might mean, Scott? More US-China co-productions? More Chinese talent involved in US films? (Or am I just an optimist?)

    1. Scott says:

      It’s inevitable. They have too much money sitting around. Just like Japan did when Fuji bought Universal and Sony bought Columbia.

      What will it mean? I’m guessing more productions in China. Increased expansion of movie theaters there.

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