Short Film: “R’ha”

January 11th, 2013 by

Here’s the next hot short film:

From THR:

R’ha hails from Kaleb Lechowski, an aspiring German director who will turn 23 in March.

Lechowski attends Berlin’s Mediadesign Hochschule, where he is studying film and animation. He had no money for actors or live sets but was able to use a computer to, over a period of seven months, create a fully realized world. The short popped up on Vimeo earlier today but already has an exec or two talking about it.

We’ve seen this type of thing before. There was Panic Attack:

The Raven:

To further put this subject into perspective, check out this 2010 LAT article by Steve Zeitchik.

Question: Have any of these short films found their way through development and been produced into a full-length feature film?

For Kaleb Lechowski’s Vimeo site, go here.

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