Daily Dialogue — February 12, 2013

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THERAPIST: Okay, I want you to talk to Gwen and be specific. Pick one incident.
LILY: You ruined my wedding.
THERAPIST: And when that happened how did you feel?
LILY: How do you think it made me feel… I’m trying to explain here okay, you asked me so I’m just… I mean, she shows up, drunk, stumbles through the entire ceremony and after at the reception, she gets up and in front of my friends, my new in-laws, she gives this toast that was just completely–
GWEN: What toast?
THERAPIST: Gwen, let your sister talk.
LILY: What toast? “Well not everybody can be perfect…
LILY / GWEN (O.S.): But at least some of us can try…


GWEN: …We all know that grown-ups have to make compromises and lily is very, very grown up. So that’s what did. She said ‘Is Andrew the very best man for me on this Earth. No! And I mean no!’ (laughs) She says hey I’m not getting any younger and he makes a hell of a lot of money. So I’ll marry the sucker. (raising her glass) To Lily — and her little sucker.


GWEN: That’s not what happened.
LILY: Oh, and you think your memory of that day is somehow better than mine? I don’t think so–
THERAPIST: Let’s try to stick with the format
LILY: I’m sticking to the format I’m just trying to give you a picture here. And she walks around like some victim, like life just handed her this raw deal. Well you know, my father left too and my mother died when I was little too. And you don’t see me using that as some excuse to just completely abandon all self control and indulge mys–
GWEN: Indulge?
LILY: Yeah, indulge.
GWEN: You think I like this?
THERAPIST: We’ve gotten off track here. Lily, Lily. Think about Gwen’s behavior at your wedding and tell her now how you feel.
GWEN: Yeah, Lily, how does it make you feel.
LILY: You know this is just..this is…I don’t need this. I have a life.

28 Days (2000), written by Susannah Grant

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is wedding toasts, suggested by Shaula Evans. Today’s suggestion by Saint 716.

Trivia: Sandra Bullock would drink a triple espresso before any scene that required her character to have uncontrollable shakes.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Saint 716: “What I find interesting in this scene, and in fact the whole film, is the likeability of Gwen is always at stake — from our perspective and as her own internal conflict.

This element really parallels addicts and addiction but it also resonates fluently through the plot.

The first time we see the wedding is only through Gwen’s perspective, so showing us the toast in flashback is another example of how thoughtfully Gwen’s likeability is used to open the iris of the story.

Compare your feelings toward her when Lily says, ‘Gwen, you make it impossible to love you’ versus how you feel at the end of this group therapy scene.”

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