Daily Dialogue — February 14, 2013

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“Hello. I’m Shiva the destroyer and your harbinger of doom for the evening. I want to thank you all for coming and welcome you even though I haven’t seen most of you since my latest stretch in the Big House… You all look fabulous. During the twenty minutes I was not in the hole for making a shiv out of my toothbrush, I actually did participate in the infamous 12 Step program. 12 Steps. Step-ball-change, step-ball-change. I’m still waiting for the change part. But as they say, relapse is an almost always inevitable component of recovery, God knows I’ve got high marks in that mode! Anyhoo, as more of you know than are likely to admit, one of the actual steps is about making amends. So I spent a lot of time calling up people who barely remembered me – who barely remembered anything – and apologizing to them for bouncing a check or passing out in the bathtub and flooding their house, or otherwise involving them in sordid activities they were desperately trying to forget. I had to call this one girl who was, I think, fourteen, but I couldn’t talk to her because her Mom took out a restraining order. Anyway, I did a lot of apologizing to people who were practically strangers so I very much want to take this opportunity to not only congratulate my extraordinary sister, the future explorer in matters of the mind, thank you very much, and her adorable, impending husband on the occasion of their unprecedented nuptials.. but also to apologize to my extraordinary sister, the future explorer in matters of the mind, for… Everything! And I really mean that, Rachel. I’ve been a nightmare and you’ve been a saint. I’m so damned glad I’m here with you and Sidney and his family and ours, and I am so happy for you guys, I really am. So, I am hereby raising my seltzer in celebration of my laudatory sister and herewith making amends. Sidney, you are robbing our dysfunctional family of one of it’s most vital ingredients, and it’s only member still willing to lend me money. Enjoy Hawaii. La Chaim.”

Rachel Getting Married (2008), written by Jenny Lumet

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is wedding toasts, suggested by Shaula Evans. Today’s suggestion by Saint 716.

Trivia: Jenny Lumet spent about 7 weeks writing the script. It was her first to be made into a film, even though it was the writer’s 5th screenplay.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary from Saint 716: “This is a good one for the difference between the script and the completed film.

There are a lot of ad-libbed toasts mixed in with scripted speeches. It’s interesting to observe the difference between them. The scripted scenes are intentionally used for overarching character dynamics whereas the unscripted toasts fill in the mood of the scene. It would be pretty flat without both.

There are some scenes you can write, some dialog you can really make happen and then there are times where the magic comes in the moment, when the camera is on. But we can write the mood, we can craft the tone. It’s our job to present more than just dialog, our job to create a scene which impacts our characters.”

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