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You may have noticed, we’ve been fortunate to have interviews each week this year:

January 7-11, 2012: Michael Werwie, 2012 Nicholl Winner, 2012 Black List.

January 14-19, 2012: Allan Durand, 2012 Nicholl Winner.

January 21-26, 2012: Adam Kolbrenner, Manager-Producer, Madhouse Entertainment.

This week, Sean Robert Daniels, 2012 Nicholl Winner.

Next week: 2012 Screenwriting Roundtable with Chris Borelli, F. Scott Frazier, Chris McCoy, Justin Rhodes, Greg Russo, John Swetnam, a group of screenwriters who have multiple Black List scripts and have cumulatively sold over 10+ spec scripts.

What’s going on here?

Late last year, Franklin Leonard and I discussed a number of initiatives for the blog, and this is one of them: A GITS interview with screenwriters and industry insiders each week in 2013.

And we are on our way to doing that!

I have already conducted 10 interviews with another 10 on the books, and more on the way. Some of these I initiated, but most derive from Franklin who has been supportive enough to reach out to writers and industry insiders he knows. So thanks, Franklin!

Why this initiative?

There are many paths to pursue learning how to be a screenwriter. One is to hear from professionals who work in the business. After all, who better to provide insight into the craft than writers who are currently working in the business?

I hope you agree, and I encourage you to participate in this year-long process.

First, read the interviews. Second, post questions in comments as many of the participants have agreed to follow up with responses.

Here’s another thing you can do: Forward me questions, via comments or email, you would like me to ask during my interviews with screenwriters. Please consider subjects you think will be of interest and value to the wider online screenwriting community.

Now I have a question for you. Does anyone have a suggestion of the best way to record conversations on an iPhone? I use Skype when I can as I have a call recording program that works quite well with that, but some people prefer to be interviewed over the phone. I’ve checked out a few apps, but they seem unduly complicated. In some ways, I’d prefer a hardware solution, a recorder I can plug into the iPhone. Your suggestions welcome!

In any event, I hope you are enjoying the interviews. Personally I am gratified to know that almost every day of the week in 2012, GITS readers will have the opportunity to gain insight into the craft directly from successful screenwriters.

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  1. Scott- haven’t used it, but this might be the answer for recording interviews:
    More expensive, but if you’d like to record and save it on a computer or separate recorder:

    1. Scott says:

      Thanks for those suggestions, Don!

  2. TheQuietAct says:

    I’ve no suggestions on the recorder but I am really enjoying the interviews.

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