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Time again for another installment of Saturday Hot Links.

Today: The 85th Annual Oscars Edition!

THR: Ultimate insider’s guide to the Oscars.

Why are the Academy Awards statuettes called Oscars.

5 historical Oscar controversies you probably don’t know about.

The Oscar feud that spans 7 decades.

40 maddest Oscar moments.

Oscar story: “I was Robe Lowe’s ‘Snow White'”.

6 nonexistent people who were nominated for an Oscar.

The embarrassing early films of Oscar-winning directors.

Every Oscar acceptance speech stat imaginable.

The best and worst speeches in Oscar history .

Interesting map detailing the setting of every Best Picture winner since 1927.

The Politics of the Oscar Red Carpet: Where to Stop, Stand and Schmooze.

Harvard sophomore predicts the Oscars.

Compare to Nate Silver’s Oscar predictions.

What it costs to produce the Oscars.

New study links childhood bullying to adult psychological disorders.

An all-female live reading of Glengarry Glen Ross.

Why are most school buses yellow.

Networks scramble to boost live programming as DVRs shift audiences.

How bad is the FBI sexting problem.

Check it: Star Wars family tree.

5 non-gold treasures stored at Fort Knox.

50 movie spoilers of 2012 .

Scientific America: The origin of human creativity.

GQ: New rules for the leading man.

Unlocking the mystery of consciousness.

How master cinematographer Roger Deakins got notable movie shots.

How to win at Pac-Man.

Why Hollywood needs to learn Chinese.

Go On Your Own Quest Forum spotlight! Shaula Evans with some threads:

We’d love GITS Readers’ help to pick a new name for the forum! Go here.

We’ve got 4 hot discussions right now in the logline workshop. Everyone who wants practice at writing loglines is welcome! Go here [This forum area only displays after you log in.]

Other hot posts – The joint is jumping and there have been some fantastic discussions this week!

Everything you need to know about semicolons

Exclamation point

Lines not to give actors

Making friends with the Oxford comma


Phone call consistency

Sitcom writing

To cap or not to cap

Which is scarier: Giving notes or getting notes?

Dialogue threats

The 6 most exciting new PlayStation 4 features.

Classic Atari 2600 video games .

Fox selects 10 finalists for 2013 Writer’s Intensive.

What did people use before toilet paper.

Hollywood interns Fox lawsuit likely to break new ground.

Chuck Wendig: How to push past the bull-shit and write that goddamn novel.

7 year-old Zora Ball is the world’s youngest game programmer.

FilmmakerIQ: 5 tips on clearing music for your film.

How was the top-secret Coke formula determined to be kosher?

20 years later: How the Power Rangers made Haim Saban a crapload of money.

20% of dollars spent on consumer technology goes to Apple.

“Arrested Development” casts Kristen Wiig.

Reclining airplane seats are a terrible idea and should be banned.

TotalFilm: 50 greatest cinematographers.

Mother faces up to a year in prison for hiring strippers for her son’s 16th birthday.

L.A. county movie/TV employment at highest level in 4 years.

Huge swarms of birds invade Kentucky town.

Why Bill Cosby wore Cosby sweaters.

10 essential feminist texts everyone should read.

Santa Barbara Film Festival’s tribute to Jennifer Lawrence .

Shitsenders: The ultimate gag gift.

10 rejected titles for Toy Story.

What is the universe.

9 things you didn’t know about Disney’s Cinderella.

The world’s newest spy service.

7 ways to fail at promoting your film online.

Where the rich live: America’s top 25 wealth centers.

Sam Raimi refuses to watch The Amazing Spider-Man.

A brief history of the typewriter.

50 greatest found footage moments.

Why do so many Russian drivers have dashboard cams.

10 contemporary novels inspired by Shakespeare.

7 reasons to never ever vacation on a cruise ship.

Scientists invent a self-repairing computer that will never crash.

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