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Welcome to another edition of Saturday Hot Links!

Today: Star Wars: The Backstroke of the West Edition!

Puppy Bowl IX starting lineup.

Interview: Tim Burton.

More Burton: Watch John Lasseter harass him in 1980 .

How to make mathematically perfect nachos [HT to @FranklinLeonard and @StayPuft].

Where to watch the new Netflix series “House of Cards” online for free.

15 historical brother versus brother matchups.

TotalFilm: 50 most illogical movie endings.

Our orientation toward belief.

Hollywood production in Canada declines.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does not get “Girls”.

Guillermo del Toro’s stop-motion Pinocchio — postponed.

20 words we owe to William Shakespeare.

2013 SXSW movie lineup revealed.

10 tips for criticizing people more effectively.

Alamo Drafthouse proves once again… it is the coolest movie theater chain around.

9 historical methods of detecting pregnancy.

Paul Schrader talks Canyons controversy.

The Jack Donaghy insult generator.

Real-life serial killer reviews new TV series “The Following.”

The billions of animals killed by cats every year.

Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns talks Blade Runner sequel… sort of.

19 regional words all Americans should adopt immediately.

More sequels: What’s blocking the follow-up to Dragon Tattoo at Sony?

Why are school buses yellow?

Christopher Nolan’s top ten films for Criterion.

Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) marries his (male) partner — finally.

Hollywood gets science wrong–and that’s okay.

Would you pay to watch YouTube channels?

Barbara Streisand to perform at this year’s Oscars.

New $1.6B supercomputer project will attempt to simulate the human brain.

Are you ready for “Entourage” — the movie?

6 fascinating things we’ve learned from apes and monkeys.

“The Muppets…Again!”: That’s the name of the sequel.

5 bold proposals for cleaning up space junk.

Theaters gradually losing middle-aged moviegoers.

Will a nightcap really help you sleep?

10 movies that make writing look incredibly dangerous.

WGA East to honor David Koepp.

Tony Kushner to receive WGA West’s Paul Selvin award.

Amy Poehler to publish “Illustrated, Nonlinear Diary.”

Tina Fey talks “Mean Girls” musical.

Broken Projector: Dear Aspiring Filmmakers, here’s how to get my attention.

Iran’s brutal new ‘finger-chopping’ machine.

Netflix raising $400M in debt to fund new shows.

In defense of the hashtag.

10 things you need to succeed as a writer.

Could the next Star Wars feature a female protagonist?

The very first ejaculation in Earth’s known history [400 million year-old fossil].

Mark Cuban: Live TV remains the most important platform.

Apple may release an iPad with 128-gigabyte storage.

More Apple: They’re seeking writers to make Siri more clever.

After many protests, production of Django Unchained action figures halted.

Why is the drinking age 21?

SAG Awards 2013: The big moments.

SAG 2013: The winners.

2013 Sundance Film Festival Award winners.

Amazon: Free books on writing!

The greatest dance number ever filmed .

10 of the most disturbing pop culture parodies [NSFW video].

10 sites for all your movie trivia needs.

The stupidest questions in Super Bowl history.

Cinephilia & Beyond: Top 10 Charlie Rose interviews with film directors.

10 coffee facts from the amazing fact generator.

The A-Z of Quentin Tarantino.

First Batmobile fetches $4.6M at auction.

7 imaginative attempts to improve the DeLorean.

Al Gore on how the internet is changing the way we think.

FilmmakerIQ: 10 zero-budget filmmaking tips.

The fascinating business cards of 20 famous people.

The lost ending to The Shiningrevealed!

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Hot Links

  1. David Joyner says:

    This series is one of my favorite on GITS.
    However, for me, the link in “20 Words We Owe to William Shakespeare” (about 10-15 down from the top) was missing. It might be:

  2. Supercomputers…. Note that $1.6 Billion is for the whole Human Brain Project, not the machine.

    Also, don’t believe the hype. They’re *not* going to invent or discover a new
    computing paradigm. Neither are they going to build a computer 1000x faster than anything on the planet (unless you measure speed in a very specific way)

    This is because the power requirements are so onerous. Titan @ Oak Ridge, the #1 system on the planet, requires 8MW. 1000x that is 8000MW, which means you’d need one of the 5 biggest power stations on the planet dedicated full time to powering it.

    But all snark aside, what these guys at the Human Brian Project are doing is creating a computer model of a brain’s physiology. Which is insanely interesting, important and viable science.

    btw, *this* is a business card:

  3. David Joyner says:

    For me, the links to you get by clicking on the link “Top 10 Charlie Rose interviews with film directors” above don’t work. It seems they were made in the 1990s and hosted on, which has now gone away. They are all now for sale as a dvd on The more recent videos on work fine and are free. For example, James Cameron has been interviewed (alone) three times on Charlie Rose and only the oldest one is unavailable on the site.

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