Screenwriting News (February 4-10, 2013)

February 10th, 2013 by

Milo Addica scripted drama “Weightless” lands Jessica Alba to star and Addica to direct for Myriad Pictures.

Lucy Alibar sells pitch for adaptation of “The Secret Garden” for Universal.

Sean Armstrong options his 2012 Black List drama “A Country of Strangers” to Anthouse Films.

Joe Ballarini sells untitled action fantasy pitch to New Line.

Simon Barrett action thriller script “The Guest” moving forward for Snoot Entertainment.

Ryan Belenzon and Jeffrey Gelber sell action adventure spec script “Endangered” to Lionsgate.

Paige Cameron and Sarah Siegel-Magness scripted thriller “Killshot” with Smokewood Entertainment.

Spenser Cohen sells sci-fi thriller spec script “Pantheon” to Solipsist Films.

Christian Darren heist project “Six Bullets From Now” lands director Stephen Kay for 13th Sign Pictures.

Will Davies adapting picture book “Blackout” for Fox 2000.

Noam Dromi and Lawrence Kubik scripted actioner “Hitsville” with Incognito Pictures.

Julia Hart scripted drama “Miss Stevens” moving forward with Anna Faris to star and Ellen Page to direct for Gilbert Films.

Jim Hecht rewriting John Hughes scripts “The Grigsbys Go Broke” for Paramount.

Mark Heyman adapting novel “Syndrome E” for Paramount and Indian Paintbrush.

Kurt Johnstad writing war action drama “The Lost Legion” for Warner Bros.

Bruce Eric Kaplan comedy “Cousin Irv From Mars” moving forward with Melissa McCarthy attached to star for Universal.

Dan Kay scripted thriller “I.T.” with Voltage Pictures.

Andrew Klavan adapts mystery thriller “Damnation Street” from his own novel for Fox Hill Productions.

Ben Lewin scripted romantic drama “A Moment to Remember” lands Katherine Heigl to star for Scott Pictures, Sobini Films and Film 360.

Christopher MacBride sells thriller pitch “Echo” to Twentieth Century Fox.

Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone adapting memoir “Just Do It” for Twentieth Century Fox.

Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone and Steve Mallory writing comedy “Michelle Darnell” for Universal.

Andrew Pagana and Justin Thomas sell western spec script “Surrounded” to Incognito Pictures.

Mark Perez sells comedy pitch “Game Night” to New Line.

Steve Pink and Jeff Morris sell action comedy pitch “Shore Leave” to DreamWorks.

Juliette Towhidi adapting rom-com novel “Love, Rosie” for Canyon Creek Films.

Marco Weber sci-fi thriller “Unraveling” with Voltage Pictures.

Skip Woods and Michael Finch writing the remake of “Agent 47” for Twentieth Century Fox.

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