What do movie producers do?

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In part, they make deals like this:

Since they got a big write up in the Wall Street Journal late last month, the “Tag Brothers” have been swarmed by movie producers hoping they would tell one of them, “you’re it.” Meaning he gets the chance to translate their story to the movie screen. Who are the “Tag Brothers?” They are the 10 classmates at Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane, Washington 23 years ago whose long-running game of tag got national attention, thanks to the Russell Adams article. Now in their 40s, the former classmates have spread across the country in various fields (one’s a priest), but they stay in touch during the month of February by chasing each other across the country in an obsessive game of tag. They will jet cross country, break into each other’s homes, hide in the bushes until a target appears, or leave for a long vacation to avoid being tagged, all in the name of not ending up “It,” and having to wear that loser title a whole year.

Well, the “Tag Brothers” have just told Broken Road’s Todd Garner that he’s it. After hearing pitches from more than a half dozen established producers who wanted to turn their story into a feature film [emphasis added], they’ve optioned their life rights to Garner, in a deal put together by ICM Partners (which reps the guys) and UTA (which reps the WSJ). Garner will put together a package that he’ll shop to studios. Since studios have been among those making calls, it shouldn’t be a hard sell.

Sourcing and developing material is a primary point of focus for producers. They’re all chasing stories. Sometimes there are situations where “more than a half dozen” chase the same story. Then comes the packaging. Then shopping the project to the studios. Then developing the script. And then try like hell to get the movie made.

What do movie producers do? They work their asses off.

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  1. Alan D. says:

    Sounds like a great Will Ferrell/ Ben Stiller comedy. Love to see how this one develops.

    Going to be funny to see the “Based on a True Story” tag added. Pretty unbelievably cool. Tell Mr. Garner I’m available to write it lol.

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