What do you think of the new site?

February 17th, 2013 by

Reactions and suggestions welcome in comments!

Many thanks to Dino the Techno-God for the hard work in pulling this together.

And of course Franklin for everything.

By the way, the slider will enable me to do something people have been asking for a long time: The ability to keep special posts up top and visible for more than a half-day which has been the best I could do up to this point.

Hope the new layout makes everyone’s reading experience even more enjoyable.

Onward and upward!

16 thoughts on “What do you think of the new site?

  1. Looks great Scott. Awesome new look.

  2. Looking good, Scott!

    Loving the slider and the ability to edit comments (at last!).

  3. It’s probably just my browser (or more likely just me being a dumbass), but I can’t see an option at the bottom of the page to load older posts.

  4. V. cool, Scott!
    Logo looks great.
    Seems to load quicker – but maybe it’s just my broadband having a ‘good day’.
    It would be great to put up a screen-shot of how things used to look – just to see how far things have come.
    Well done!

  5. David Joyner says:

    Nice clean look. Looks good on my cell-phone as well:-)

  6. Debbie Moon says:

    Nice, clean stylish look. Excellent.

  7. John Arends says:

    Two big thumbs up, Scott. Looks great!

  8. Scott, I think it’s lovely! Especially because it’s different but not TOO different! I usually hate it when my websites get a makeover because I am not good with change. Here I have to say it’s still got the efficient browsing of the old site but looks a lot nicer!!! Nice stuff!

  9. Erica R Maier says:

    This is fantastic, Scott! Excellent redesign! Great idea to have highlighted stories on top …

  10. hobbs001 says:

    Wasn’t much wrong with the look of the old site but I think this really is an improvement. Delighted that there are no fancy-schmancy additions, which often happens in a site redesign. Well done to all concerned.

  11. George Speed says:

    I’m a left justified type a guy. I like the look and feel of the old site. I’ll get use to this in a couple of weeks though. It’s like a bad haircut… it’ll grow on me.

  12. Whoa! You knocked down a few walls and added a second bathroom! Looks great!

    (‘course you know me Scott…I been with you since GITS was a default blue Blogger/Blogspot template!)

  13. A2Jason says:

    I Love the Layout! Very clean and ultra organized.

  14. propagandery says:

    love the simplicity. the only suggestion would be either small thumbnails or dots in the header to show that there’s scrolling content. it looks a bit like an ad rather than a content header.

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