Announcing: The Black Board!

March 5th, 2013 by

The spirit of creativity never ceases to amaze. Combined with the community that has evolved in this little corner of our virtual universe, I am truly excited to make this announcement:

The Black Board
The Official Online Community of the Black List and Go Into The Story
Read. Write. Review. Discuss. Succeed.

What began as a user-generated idea — to create an online forum where writers who were participating in the Go On Your Own Quest challenge could gather — has evolved into a terrific resource. For background on the genesis of The Quest, go here and here.

I asked Shaula Evans, who volunteered to take on the role of Chief Moderator of the GOYOQ forums and has done amazing work ever since, to put together a summary of what’s happened on the site:

The forum today has hundreds of registered members and many new areas beyond the original GOYOQ sections.

  • Weekly check-ins to discuss our works in progress
  • Screenwriting Resources includes interviews, references and more
  • Rewriting hosts a busy script review exchange
  • Business of Screenwriting lists submission opportunities and strategy discussions
  • A Film Club to analyze the movies you’re watching and a Script Room to discuss the scripts you’re reading
  • The Idea Factory to brainstorm story ideas
  • A private Logline Workshop to polish up your loglines and help other people with theirs
  • Plus our newest area: the Character Intro Workshop, where you can troubleshoot and get feedback on your character introductions

We have some exciting expansion plans for 2013, including launching a new TV Writing Wing to coincide with the Black List’s TV pilot script hosting service. (TV writers can sign up to be notified when the TV wing launches here.)

The original moderator team consisted of Shaula, David Joyner, and Debbie Moon. With the growth of the forum, here are the new moderators:  DJ Holloway, Nicole M. Saad (aka runningwriter at GITS), TheQuietAct.

How about that name? The Black Board. Love it! Suggested by longtime GITS reader Jay Finklestein. Thanks, Jay!

We even have a Twitter feed, so please follow it: @TheBlackBoard.

Here are some testimonials from forum users:

Holly Bell – I’ve found this forum to be an awesome resource — I learn something new everyday.

Carlos Alexandre – I was attracted to these forums thinking I’d get to both help others and be helped myself. “Help” means inspiration, feedback, script-trading (for feedback), opinions on storytelling, etc. So far, I’m getting all that, and I like to think I’ve contributed as well, though I definitely need to slot more time for the GOYOQ Forum overall.

Timothy Visentin – I can attest to how useful the Logline workshop here is. …When writing on spec, treat your logline (and title) as importantly as your first draft. Moral of the story, is this forum is becoming an ever stronger resource for us writers. (More from Timothy Visentin here.)

Here is how I see this happening: You come to GITS for the latest on screenwriting news, to learn about the craft, and to find inspiration for your writing. Then you head over to The Black Board to chat with fellow writers, develop your stories and provide feedback on others, and network with people who are making positive strides toward and in the entertainment industry.

And know this: The type of atmosphere you find here, hope and optimism grounded in the realities of the hard work required to succeed in the entertainment business, that is being replicated on The Black Board. It is not a place to run down people, but rather to uplift each other. So if you are interested in participating in a supportive environment full of creative writers passionate about the craft, The Black Board is the place for you.

Oh, did I mention it’s free?

So farewell, GOYOQ Forums. Welcome The Black Board!

During the rest of the week, I will be featuring some of the current lively discussion threads happening right now at The Black Board. But I encourage you to check it out right now by going here.

8 thoughts on “Announcing: The Black Board!

  1. Debbie Moon says:

    This seems like a good time to thank Scott, Franklin, tech wizard Dino, and everyone else who’s worked so hard to give us this invaluable forum for learning, discussing, and sharing work.

    And also to thank everyone who’s contributed to the forum itself, sharing their opinions and expertise and encouraging their fellow writers. Thank you all – and for those who haven’t signed up to the forums yet, come on in, the water’s fine!

  2. […] Go Into The Story, the official screenwriting blog of the Black List just announced the launch of their official forum: The Black Board. […]

  3. TheQuietAct says:

    I second Debbie, thanks Scott, Franklin and Dino for providing the space to have our pep talks.

    And to any writers out there interested in joining in, I like to think we welcome you with a cup of tea and a biscuit.
    And a big group hug.

    Don’t do hugs? (Neither do I really). Come on over anyway.

  4. Erica R Maier says:

    This is awesome! Thanks everyone for all your hard work! And great name, Jay! Very fitting.

  5. Shaula Evans says:

    Thank you for the fantastic announcement, Scott, and all your work that went into making this happen.

    I think you and I see the place in pretty much the same light: a way to help writers bridge the gap between the theory at GoIntoTheStory and pitching a polished screenplay at the Black List.

    We’ve had new people coming over from GITS since the announcement went up. It’s great to see so many familiar faces. Welcome, everybody! And some long-time lurkers have got caught up in the enthusiasm and delurked, too–it’s wonderful to see them jumping into the discussions.

    I am really excited to see what kind of writing we can accomplish together.

  6. Samar says:

    Hey there,

    Is the blackboard forum closed for good or moved to some other domain name?

    Please let us know

    Thank you

    1. Scott says:

      The Black Board is gone. Served a good purpose. Check out the archives here for tons of valuable information and inspiration.

      1. Samar says:

        Sure Scott, thanks for the update.

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