Daily Dialogue — March 1, 2013

March 1st, 2013 by

She flies around the bay.
Soars like a graceful bird.
Does loops in the sky.
Zooms right past Wally’s rock.
He is hypnotized.

Eve descends gently to the ground…
Wally sneaks up closer.
Hides behind another boulder.
Makes a NOISE.
Instantly, Eve whips around.
Her arm converts into a LASER CANNON.
Blasts Wally’s boulder to smithereens.

Wall-E (2008), Andrew Stanton & Jim Reardon, story by Andrew Stanton & Pete Docter

This week’s Daily Dialogue theme is boy meets girl suggested by TaraPhelps.

Trivia: The film’s working title was “Trash Planet”.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Amazing how characters who barely have any dialogue can evoke such an emotional response.

2 thoughts on “Daily Dialogue — March 1, 2013

  1. Mark Walker says:

    Love this film and the Earth-bound scenes are just fantastic – ironically, for “daily dialogue” the perfect example of “show don’t tell”…some of the emotion that is delivered via Wall-E’s “eyes” is superbly realised. Although not as hard-hitting as the opening to UP, part of me feels this is better as it portrays the same love but in a very tender way and against greater challenges. His attempts to woo EVE and to get a reaction when she has shut down are beautifully played out. PIXAR are just annoyingly brilliant! :-)

  2. hobbs001 says:

    Thomas Newman music, Roger Deakins consulting on the visuals, and Andrew Stanton in the driving seat for story and character. Fabulous stuff and lots of “pure” cinema.

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