Daily Dialogue — March 23, 2013

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As John opens the door, DETECTIVE QUINN shows his badge. DETECTIVE COLLERO and a team of detectives push past. John has no time to react.

DETECTIVE QUINN: Police. Mr. Brennan?

LUKE sees the police rush past him and gets scared.

DETECTIVE QUINN: My name is Detective Quinn. This is a search warrant for these premises.

John hears Luke cry and instinctively heads inside.

DETECTIVE QUINN: Stay where you are.
JOHN: Get your –
DETECTIVE QUINN: Touch me again and you’ll be arrested.

Lara steps from the bathroom and is met by Detective Collero. She sees the coat with the water spot; nods to a team member, who takes it and bags it under:

DETECTIVE COLLERO: Lara Brennan, you are under arrest for the murder of Elizabeth Gesas.

She takes her wrist and professionally turns and cuffs her.

LARA: She’s dead?? Elizabeth is dead??
JOHN: (tries to push past) She didn’t do anything!
DETECTIVE QUINN: I will only –
JOHN: (tries again) She didn’t do anything!
DETECTIVE QUINN: Put him in cuffs.

The uniform pushes him up against the wall and cuffs his wrists. John watches as his child cries, his wife is led
out in handcuffs and the house is torn apart.

The Next Three Days (2010), screenplay by Paul Haggis and Fred Cavayé and Guillaume Lemans

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week is arrest, suggested by Teddy Pasternak. Today’s suggestion by Despina.

Trivia: Elizabeth Banks had previously played a family woman accused of murder in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Dialogue On Dialogue: The surprise arrest representing a paradigm shift in the family’s life.

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